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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Jesse Borrego tells Playbill his Favourite Fame Memory

In the run up to the Fame Reunion Concert in L.A. Jesse Borrego tells Playbill his Favourite Fame Memory:

"Rehearsal Hall A was the first place I experienced on the MGM lot. It was where we entered for the Fame open casting call and it was where the dance auditions were held. I can remember quite clearly Debbie Allen stalking up and down the rehearsal hall like a Lioness of Rhythm, scrutinizing our faces for any hint of talent or lack thereof. it was also the place of my first small victory when several hours later there I was free styling and showing off my moves to La Maestra in a callback dance audition. Once I was on the show, this is the studio where we would tirelessly rehearse the musical numbers for the episode.

Many lunches at the MGM commissary were sacrificed to spend the time in Rehearsal Hall A to tighten up a dance number. The Rehearsal Hall itself was already legendary, apparently the place where Fred Astaire choreographed the famous 'chair routine' among others. I grew up on MGM musicals and they were an inspiration to me in my early musical theatre years, and now I could imagine Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers twirling around the hall. Gene Kelly leaping and creating in this sacred space that now I was lucky enough to be dancing in. Then the universe came together. MGM was celebrating the anniversary of Rehearsal Hall A and they were holding a luncheon with some studio execs and other dignitaries. They invited the cast of the show to attend.

They had set up the Rehearsal Hall for a nice casual luncheon and when we arrived it was full of people. Lo and behold, the star attractions are none other than Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, the artists who made this Rehearsal Hall famous! As we mingled I was awestruck to be in the same room as some of my heroes, who even in their 80s still looked vital enough to pull off a twirl or two. It was truly inspiring to hear their stories of all the fabulous work and dances that had been created there and immortalized for all time on film. It made me feel humbled and honored that I too would help create dances and entertainment that would live on long after we created them. Inspired, I have always carried that day with me for the rest of my years working in that Rehearsal Hall."

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Roberta R. said...

Wow. I hear him. How wonderful for him to get to meet his childhood heroes AND inspirators!