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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 9 - Fame Performance 1

The narrator spoke some more and then images from the TV show came up on the screen at the back of the stage, intercut with children talking. The Fame theme was playing. Then the band started up playing the Fame theme. 

The cast with the exception of Valerie all came on to the stage. Erica and Carlo particularly encouraged the audience to get up on their feet dancing (not that we needed much encouragement) and come closer to the stage. They enjoyed shaking peoples hands.  That's me 3rd from the left in the black fame cap!

However the firemen in the house who had spent a long time before the show started checking things to see if they were deemed safe, were concerned for safety as everyone pushed towards the stage and they with some of the organisers quickly came to the front to push people back. 

It was a little frustrating, when the cast obviously wanted the audience there but safety fears put a stop to it.   

Still we weren't going to let us have a good time. As we moved back we all danced, sang and threw our hands in the air as the cast belted out the iconic theme song. The atmosphere was electric!

For some of the audience it seemed strange that the theme song was being performed at this point in the concert. Surely this would be the last song they sang. However little did they know that the cast would be performing the song again at the end of the show.


With thanks to Patrick Bron for the Video.

Alternate View of "Fame" posted on You Tube by Gian Piero Villella


Anonymous said...

Great interaction between Erica and Carlo. Did you find out why Valerie didn't take part?

mark1814 said...

I never asked but Valerie was up next doing a monologue and song so I assumed she needed to be getting ready for that and as Fame will be sung again later in the show didn't feel she had to take part in the first version. That's just my guess.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense now I've seen today's video :)