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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Fame U.K.Tour Plea!

Fame Fan Gina Iliffe sent this to the BBC to try and get them interested Fame Cast U.K. Reunion tour:

In 1982 the biggest story of the year was the tv show ‘ The Kids from Fame’. It was the year of the all singing and dancing show hitting the UK after the massive success of the global 1980 Fame movie produced by David De Silva and directed by Alan Parker and staring Irene Cara, Debbie Allen and Lee Curreri.

Every Thursday night a whole generation sat beside their tv in ant...icipation to see what life was like in the performing school of the arts in NYC with Leroy and Coco (Erica Gimple) the dancers, curly headed musician Bruno (Lee Curreri) and the old music teacher Mr Shrofsky. ‘Starmaker’ the song was high in the UK top 40 charts and the Kids from Fame came to England twice to do sell out concerts – packing out the Albert Hall. Tickets were the hottest thing in town and the Kids from Fame were literally mobbed wherever they went. On the front of all newspapers, whilst we the real kids wore our leg warmers to school and wanted to be just like them.

The tv show was based on the motion picture of the same name and ended in 1987.
Fast forward and here we are in 2015 and they are holding their first ever reunion of all 7 members of the cast. This will be held in Northern Italy on Saturday 5th December in the aid of an Italian children’s charity to give support to disadvantaged children. Actors and singers from the original cast will perform in a show of poetry, music and theatre. The show will be unique and original, written especially for this once in a life time occasion. It is a combination of dance, music and song which mingle on stage to create an artistic union of all the arts.
Jesse Borrego, Lee Curreri, Cynthia Gibb, Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imperato, Valerie Landsburg and Nia Peeples will perform together for the first time in decades. In the years following the amazing wonderful Fame success the cast have been very successful in tv work. Motion movies, writing music and scores, singing and empowering the next generations to ‘live the dream’.

The above cast are very close with fans in the UK and we are shocked to know they are not coming to the UK as they do not have a promoter to run the equivalent charity project here. I have been in touch weekly with Lee Curreri who said the cast would be more than happy to perform in the UK once again, knowing there is a generation dying to relive their childhood dreams. All we need is a promoter and this could be REALLY big.
Gina Iliffe.

The Italian fans have shown us that Dreams can Come True.

Contact the BBC to have your say.

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