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Friday, 7 June 2013

Fame Movie Original Sound Track

The soundtrack to the original sound movie was released in 1980 but in the U.K. it wasn't until 1982 when the TV series hit our screens that the sound track started to sell.

Fame - (Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford) - Irene Cara.

Out Here On My Own -  (Michael Gore, Lesley Gore) - Irene Cara.
Hot Lunch - (Michael Gore, Robert F Coleberry, Lesley Gore) - Irene Cara
Dogs In The Yard - (Dominic Bugatti, Frank Musker) - Paul McCrane
Red Light - (Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford) - Linda Clifford.
Is It Okay To Call You Mine - written and performed by Paul McCrane
Never alone - (Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford) Contemporary Gospel chorus of the High School of Music and Art.
Ralph and Monty (Dressing Room Piano) (Michael Gore) Instrumental
I Sing The Body Electric - (Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford)
- Irene Cara, Paul McCrane, Laura Dean, Traci Parnell, Eric Brockington.

Bonus tracks:

Miles from Here (Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford) - Paul McCrane
Fame -  Instrumental
Out Here On My Own  - Instrumental.

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