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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Debbie Allen Ebony Magazine Interview 1979

Debbie Allen interview from Ebony Jnr Magazine 1979 as she stars in and choreographs the movie "The Fish That Saved Pittsburg".

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Billy Hufsey Blast The Music solo version edit

"Blast The Music" comes from the season 4 episode "Nothing Personal" and is performed by Billy Hufsey.

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Official Fame Movie Workout DVD

A New DVD Fame Dance Workout is now available in America on Region 1 DVD.
Just released it features some of the stars of the remake movie teaching the steps to the music from the movie.

Priced $11.49 frm Amazon.com click below:


No word on a Region 2 release yet.

Friday, 26 March 2010

My Top Ten Pet Hates On Fame - No 3

At Number 3 on my top ten pet hates is Curing Cancer in 45 minutes.

Fame attempted to do stories about a number of issues throughout it's 6 seasons. Some of these stories worked but for me a number of them didn't. I personally don't think the show was the right format to address some of these issue because to do some of the stories justice they needed to run them over a longer period of time. A story across a number of episodes or a whole season. It didn't need to dominate the story just little sceens or snippets of conversation that alerted the viewer to what may come.

One of the worst culprits of this was the season 3 episode "Sheer Will". Now the story in that episode is fine and the episode is written and acted well but for me it's the whole concept of how long a period this episode is supposed to run over. Obviously not that long as it's one of 22 episode for that year.

To me it just feels that this story should have been a story arc for Danny which runs over a number of episodes, where initially we just see him feeling ill but not knowing anything is wrong. Then a few episodes later we have the diagnosis and his reaction to the illness. That main episode would be left on a cliff hanger as we don't know what will happen. Only for the story to be concluded in a future episode when we see him finally in remission.

However, what we actually get is no sooner has he been diagnosed and he's having treatment he's in remission just in time for a song and dance number and the story is never mentioned again!

It's a heavy emotional story but there is no realism to the way it is depicted on screen sadly. In the U.K. the BBC took the decision not to air this episode as they weren't happy with the way the story occurred. At the end of the day cancer is far too serious and important a subject to pretend it can all be wrapped up so quickly.

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Carlo Imperato, Nia Peeples, Jesse Borrego You Don'y Know Who I Am

"You Don't Know Who I am" comes from the season 4 episode "Danny De Bergerac" and is performed by Carlo Imperato, Nia Peeples and Jesse Borrego.

The video is now available to download click the link below:


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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Kids From fame Media

I can't believe that it's been a whole year since I first started this site, my where does the time go. I started things pretty much on the spur of the moment when I worked out it wasn't too difficult to set up a site, so I never imagined that it would grow into pretty much daily posts.
For me it means that there is a little bit of Fame in virtually every day of my life in the last year so that’s always a good thing. Some days I sit here virtually all day converting files, downloading, uploading or simply searching the Internet for new Fame things. Some times it feels like a lot of work but at the same time I enjoy it and the most rewarding thing has been the emails and messages that I've received and the new friends I've made. People have been so complimentary to me and grateful that some of this material has been made available. One person wrote:

"..coming across all of the excellent tunes from the TV seasons on your site, as well as from the albums put out, is like finding hidden treasure."

I've also been surprised by the generosity of people who have sent me things, some of which I'd never seen or heard before to share on my site. So that has been a great bonus for me too. So thank you for making this first year a big success and here's to the next 12 months.

Best Wishes,

Mark x.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lee Curreri Crystal Heart Trailer

Trailer for Lee Curreri's 1986 film "Crystal Heart". Also the music video for the theme song "Don't Touch The Heart", which features Lee at the end.

To download the Don't Touch the Heart MP3 by Tawny Kitaen click the link below:

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Debbie Allen CNN Interview on Oman O man

Debbie Allen Interview on CNN about Oman O man.

Billy Hufsey Unknow Ballad

Billy Hufsey performs this unknown ballad in the season 4 epiosde Nothin Personal.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

More Fame In Italy Rehearsals

Cynthia Gibb and Jesse Borrego in rehearsals with Disco infermo for the Italian concerts from December last year. Here Jesse and Cynthia are fooling around during "Fame" and then Cynthia practices "I Still Believe In Me".

Friday, 19 March 2010

My Top Ten Pet Hates On Fame - No 4

At Number 4 on my top ten pet hates for Fame is Continuity errors:

I guess it’s wasn’t easy trying to create a show like Fame in seven working days especially when on the whole there are 20 odd episodes per season. On top of that there were albums to promote and concert tours too. However, for life long fans like me some of the problems with continuity are more than frustrating.

I believe Fame like most TV shows had a file on all the characters referred to as the Bible, which would detail their family relationships, likes, dislikes, all those little details to help people new to the show understand. However, people either didn’t refer to it or it wasn’t kept up to date and so lots of little things were missed.

I always find it incredible that either a writer or a producer or a cast member wouldn’t realise a mistake had been made. Like in “A Way of Winning” Danny makes an excuse from doing something because he has to baby sit his brother. Then only 2 episodes later in “Sheer Will” we discover Danny’s brother died.

I guess continuity errors in different seasons are slightly more forgivable but when they are just a few episodes apart I do feel it is bad writing. I suppose sometimes they had to change small details to make stories work; like in “Heritage” we discover Doris’ mother isn’t Jewish she’s Italian! Although in season 2 her Mother is played by Nancy Walker and she appears to be very Jewish.

A Lot of the mistakes that were made were to do with Family members and past relationships that would conveniently change but there was a lot of other stuff too; like when Doris is allergic to Dogs in Season 1, when only a dog previously being in a room would set he off sneezing. This was all forgotten by Season 2 when she caries Toto around with her in “Not In Kansas Anymore”.

Also it was always so difficult know how old the kids were supposed to be and how long they’d been in school and how much time was supposed to have passed in a season.

To me it’s the little things that make a show and I really wish the writers on Fame had taken a little more care with things.

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Happy Birthday Irene Cara and David Greenlee

Happy 51st Birthday to Irene Cara for today and Happy 50th to David Greenlee for tomorrow.

Naturi Naughton Out Here On My Own

"Out Here On My Own" from the soundtrack to the Fame movie 2009. Written by Lesley Gore & Michael Gore and performed by Naturi Naughton.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 9 Final Words

Nia Peeples interview with Mr G.

Megan Mullally You Took Advantage Of Me

"You Took Advantage Of Me" comes from the soundtrack of the Fame 2009 movie. Written by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers it is performed by Megan Mullally.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Monday, 15 March 2010

Friday, 12 March 2010

My Top Ten Pet Hates On Fame - No 5

At number 5 on My top ten pet hates on Fame is season 6.

It's a little difficult to be totally objective about this because I didn't get to see season 6 until a few years after it was made so I was no longer a teenager who's whole life was centred around the show. Also I didn't have to wait a week in between episodes and have that time to re-watch and savour what had happened a I watched these back to back.

However, all that said I think the other 5 seasons hold up pretty well but season 6 has very little to offer me. I'm sure most of the things that I find annoying or don't like would still be the same even if I'd seen these episodesin the same way I watched the first 4 years.

At the start of the season we've lost Sherwood, Kate and Dwight from the previous season and we get quite a few new cast members. Those first few episodes it's like we get a newcomer a week. So there's little time to get to know these people before someone new arrives. Reggie has been given a totally different personality too so she also seems like a new cast member.

Having new cast members isn't necessarily a bad thing but there seems very little that is new and unique about these new characters. Compare Gillian to Doris or Coco and she seems totally boring. Paul seems to be a copy of David and Ian is a replacement for Bruno. Ian is probably the most interesting of the characters but I struggle to like him because he's fake British accent is so bad. I read that Michael Cerveris did have voice lessons but from my point of view it still seems like a dreadful accent that at moment he'll start saying "Hello Mary Poppins" and that totally undermines the character and the show.

As the season progresses we lose Nicole which was the last straw for me and Maxie joins but again there is nothing special about Maxie. These new characters are simply just okay with Nia gone and Debbie's role greatly reduced in the early part of the season (as she was starring on Broadway at the time in "Sweet charity") there doesn't seem to be a strong leading lady in sight and the show suffers greatly for this. Up until now we'd always had strong female characters and they were some of my favourite things about the show but now sadly they are all gone or not on screen.

Also I really don't find any of these new cast members are particularly strong singers, Carrie can sometimes pull off a good song but other times she sounds dreadful. I simply don't like Elisa and Michael's singing voices. There seems to be a reduction in the number of songs compared to the last couple of seasons and the few we do have are either poor quality or poorly sung. There are no classics here, no "starmaker", no "life is a celebration" nothing and what we do have pretty much leaves me cold.

Not content with concentrating on all the new cast members, Dick Miller becomes a regular which I don't think works and isn't needed. Lou is a small part and there's no real time to expand upon it. They also add Laura and Miltie gets to do more than most of the actual cast members. To me there are way too many people and not enough time to develop them properly as well as serving the existing long serving characters too.

I feel the school itself was a main part of the show and a key element was how the Kids coped with academics as well as there chosen performing Arts subjects. With the loss of Sherwood this element seems to be lost and with 2 characters that aren't actually part of the school there are episodes were it seems the school and the hard work that goes into being a performer barely features.

Having Chris graduate and seeing life from outside the school is a nice idea but reasons for him to be involved in some of the stories seem a little contrived. However at the same time if we can see Chris it makes me question why we don't see the other characters that have left the school. I mean where's Doris wouldn't she have kept in touch with at least Danny and Leroy wouldn't she have still hung out at Lou's Lanes? Wouldn't also have wanted to perform there as a way of getting work? And why is Danny still in School?

To me the show is just a shadow of it's former glory and some episodes I struggled to watch. To this day I haven't seen all of "Love Kitten's go to High School" and "Ian's girl", the previews put me off completely and I just found the subjects irritating. Things pick up a little as we come to the end of the season with "Alice doesn't work here Anymore" and "Of Cabbages and Kings" but it seems too little too late for me.

Personally I would have ended things at the end of season 5 because season 6 has very little that interests, intrigues or inspires me. Boring characters, boring stories, substandard songs and poor singing, that's not what Fame should be about.

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Collins Pennie Almost There

"Almost There" performed by Collins Pennie from his forthcoming 2010 album of the same name. Collins says “Almost There” is a song that really represent my life and what I have gone through.

To Download the MP3 click the link below:

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Debbie Allen Interview Oprah Magazine 2009

Debbie Allen with Kari Forsee from The Oprah Magazine September 2009.
Debbie reveals that one of her favourite dacne routines was to "I Still Believe In Me" and how much she enjoyed that episode.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Janet Jackson Feeback Mixes

"Feedback" comes from Janet Jackson's "Discipline" album. This post includes the following remixes:

"Feedback" Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit
"Feedback" Wideboys Radio Edit
"Feedback" Radio Edit
"Feedback" Ralphi Rosario Dirty Radio Mix
"Feedback" Ralphi Rosario Electroshok Radio Mix
"Feedback" Paulos Sexy Sexy Club Mix
"Feedback" Moto Blanco Radio Edit
"Feedback" Moto Blanco Full Vocal Club Mix

To download any of these mixes click the link below:


Monday, 8 March 2010

Inside Fame on Television The Review

Finally my copy of Michael Hoey's Inside Fame on TV , behind the scenes book arrived on Thursday last week and I did the unprecidented feat of reading it in one day. So I've written a review on my thoughts and feelings on the book and posted it to the episode in the new reviews section.

Spoiler: I do mention some of the points made by the book so for those who haven't read it yet and don't want to know any of the facts before hand best wait to read my review afterwards.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Nia Peeples People Magazine Interview 1991

Nia Peeples Interview for People Magazine from 1991 discussing her Tv show Party Machine and marriage to Shalamar singer Howard Hewitt.

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Billy Hufsey Blue Moon

"Blue Moon" perfromed by Billy Hufsey comes from Billy's Live album.

To download the MP3 click the link below


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Valerie Landsburg River live

Written by Valerie Landsburg "River" comes from her 2001 debut album "Grown Up". This is the Live version from her "Higher Ground" live album.

To Download the Live MP3 click the link below:

To Download The original MP3 click the link below:

Monday, 1 March 2010

Natruri Naughton & Collins Pennie Can't Hide From Love

"Can't Hide From Love" comes from the Fame Movie 2009 soundtrack and is performed by Collins Pennie & Naturi Naughton. Written By James Poysner, Michelle Bell, Fedrik Odesjo and Phonte Coleman.
To Download the MP3 click the link below: