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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Fame News October 2020!

Happy October!

Halloween is likely to be very different this year but you can always count on Kids from Fame Media bring out usual mix of Fame treats.

Well Last Month was great with Stars in the House Fame Reunion starring:

Debbie Allen, Jesse Borrego, Michael Cerveris, Loretta Chandler, Lee Curreri, Cynthia Gibb, Erica Gimpel, Valerie Landsburg, PR Paul and special appearance by Carlo Imperato and Lori Singer. 

In Aid of the Actors Fund, where Debbie Allen has recently been elected to the board of Trustees.

Donate to the Fund

If you missed it you can rewatch here:

Episode of the Month is "And The Winner Is?" from season 2, with the script, shooting schedule, behind the scenes information, trivia and music all being posted. 

Michael Cerveris has recently been posting memories from his career on his Facebook Page. On Fame he has said:
"I was trying to figure out why I wasn't finding so many photos of shows from the 1986-7 stretch and then remembered that was when I was pretending to be British on tv.
so, for the next stretch, I'll be sharing from a small trove of Fame photos and stories from those halcyon days.
Yale undergrad offered only scene study and stage performance experience, so I arrived in New York like a sponge, eager to learn. At the time of my Fame audition, what little I knew about acting for the camera had been gleaned from eating hamburgers in the teen discos and backgrounds as an extra on every soap opera in town, and from a couple scenes (with actual lines!) opposite Richard Crenna in a mini series called Double Take. For the Fame call, they asked for a British dialect and a song. I brought in my undoubtedly sketchy accent left over from a childhood Artful Dodger and accompanied myself on that old Ovation guitar singing Bowie's Young Americans. I remember thinking I should stay in character from the time I arrived, so everyone from the receptionist on up were probably scratching their heads about this strange talking ivy educated hillbilly kid. But either by pity or sheer daring, casting directors Meg Lieberman and
Tony Sepulveda
, producers Renee and Harry Longstreet, and writers Ira Behr and
Michael McGreevey
took a chance on this kid and opened the door to an entire new world for me.
Still full of collegiate earnestness and downtown aesthetics, I was anxious and uncertain about leaving NY for (gasp) a tv show. Would I somehow lose all sense of taste and priorities and end up selling my soul on screen (or selling my body on Sunset Boulevard)? But when my former screen writer uncle Don listened to my existential dilemma and replied, "well, nephew, there's no virtue in being incorruptible if you've never been tempted," I knew he had a point. I managed to get over myself enough to not look this gift horse in the mouth and packed my bags.
I'm not saying I didn't make mistakes or that my learning curve wasn't steep, but as usual, walking toward my fears and making peace with living in uncertainty and discomfort turned out to have plenty of lessons and rewards."

"is there anything more Fame than the big, school-wide number in the dining hall? (well, maybe dancing on a taxi cab, but...).

A lot of the great fun of working on Fame was the variety in each day. One day spending hours on camera, the next in a rehearsal room in day-long rehearsals for a big dance number (especially challenging for the 'movers' among us), and the next day recording backing tracks in some of LA's best studios. Our stages at the former MGM Studios in Culver City were always a hive of diversity, creative activity and youthful energy. Sometimes barely controlled, but always full of life.

in season 6 episode 3: New Faces, Ian mounts the lunch room stage for the first time. In the process, I got to try my best Elvis/Buddy Holly, duetting with
Carlo Imperato
and accompanied by Tanya Fenmore as an 11 year old piano prodigy, Hannah."

"typical Fame days at the office: you might be playing guitar for
Lee Ving
of the seminal west coast hardcore punk band
or you might be swashbuckling",

"nothing quite compares to our cowboy number, though. Your Wife’s Been Cheatin’ On Us Again is a forgotten classic..."

Fellow cast members commented on Michael's posts:

Loretta Chandler: "You described the experience perfectly and so eloquently You were great addition to the cast!"

Cynthia Gibb added: "Amazing! What an opportunity we all had. You rocked it!"

Carol Mayo Jenkins said: "
Oh, Michael... you were such a wonderful addition to the cast, as was Carrie. I adored her. And yes, our set was the biggest playground in town! Often, I would go in when I wasn't even called to watch a big number being filmed or a particular scene. I wasn't there for year six, but I missed it...."

You can listen to Michael talk more about Fame and his career on the Da Bois Podcast.

Jesse Borrego has posted on Facebook that he is selling signed DVDs of his film "Blood In, Blood Out".

Jesse Said "Some of you guys wanted a signed copy. There’s a link in my story to buy one. Thanks".

Erica Gimpel announced the movie that kept her from attending Fame U.K. Reunion 2019 will be out by the end of the year. Erica Said:
I’m so excited to share the news! “Sylvie’s Love” is coming out this Christmas on Amazon Prime!
I play a woman who runs an etiquette school in Harlem in the 1950’s and wants only the best for her daughter (Tessa Thompson) and all the young girls she teaches.
It was so wonderful being in this period piece; the clothes, the style, the sense of pride and dignity. This was a great role to inhabit and bring to life. Excited for you all to see it! Yes!"

Debbie Allen Interview updating us on working at Grey's Anatomy and he forthcoming project with Dolly Parton.

Debbie Allen will also appear on Uncensored this Sunday, Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on TV One channel. Here's a sneak peak.

Nia Peeples, discusses the Thrive Event she is part of.


Nia has also recorded a new version of "Lean on Me" .

Have a great Month,

Happy Halloween!


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