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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Italian Press Event

On 28th November 2017 the cast attended a press event with the Sponsors of the Fame reunion Concert at the Ger Onlus Offices in Parma.

Having watched a promotional film about the charity work of Ger Onlus, Carlo Imperato made a thank you speech and the cast ( a little unsteady at first) performed an acapella version of "Starmaker".

The Cast arriving at the Ger Onlus Offices.

Ger Onlus Promotional Film

"Ger Children L'Albero is the welcome home for the "street children" that Ger Onlus founded in Medellin with the aim of taking away the dangers of the road, the group of children hosted.

They are children between the ages of 5 and 12, with them we have begun a long and not easy journey, so that they can lead a "child" life, attend school, play, receive proper education, proper nutrition and medical checks.

With children, a job of individual growth is carried out so that they can take the proper awareness that normality is not the life they have seen in the Comuna (the Colombian favela), but it is a totally different thing.

Normality is not violence, abuse, threat, fear, normality is love, security, hope ... Ger Children L'Albero wants to be all this."

Support Ger Onlus

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