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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Valerie Landsburg tells Playbill her Favourite Fame Memory

In the run up to the Fame Reunion Concert in L.A. Valerie Landsburg tells Playbill her Favourite Fame Memory:

“In 1983, I decided to not go on the summer tour that the rest of the cast was participating in. I had been asked to come to Australia to do a number of appearances there for press. Right when I got home, I got a call that Lori Singer was leaving the tour because she had gotten the lead role in a movie called Footloose.
"So, I got on the plane and met the tour for its last two dates in the U.K. The night we finished, we were on a bus to the airport to fly to Israel.

"I woke up on the plane on the tarmac in Tel Aviv. They hustled us into an ambulance on the runway. It was Independence Day in Israel and we were taken to a stage in the Kings of Israel Square where we sang Happy Birthday to 25,000 people. I don't think any of us ever thought that would happen.”

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