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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Twenty Two Minutes With Michael Cerveris

Twenty Two Minutes With Michael Cerveris Interview

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Roberta R. said...

Have you ever seen him in Fringe? I've only started on the series a few days ago, so I've seen Michael's first episode alone. Looking forward to his next apparitions - he looks funny (in a good way of course).

mark1814 said...

Yes I've seen all the episodes of Fringe and enjoyed most of them apart from the last season, which took the show in a different direction. Michael's character has a much bigger role in later seasons and I liked him more on Fringe than I did on Fame.

Roberta R. said...

I'm curious to see the rest of the show. I do like sci-fi - though I have to admit this one seems to go in weird directions LOL.
It's cute what they did in the first season - Michael appearing uncredited in every episode he's not directly starring in. I only realised that in ep.5 though, after his first "real" apparition.