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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fame News!

Spring is in the Air as Kids from Fame Media for a full months of post, refreshed from our recent break.
This month will be another month of featuring lots of Magazine interviews and articles on the cast.
The episode of the Month is "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" from Season 4 and posts for that start on April 13th.

Well also be continuing the posts for the 30th anniversary U.K. broadcasts of the season 4 episodes: "I Never Danced For My Father", "Nothing Personal", "The Rivalry" and "The Ballad of Ray Claxton".

Nia Peeples has a new website called "Beautiful by Nia"

Nia says: "I have an exciting announcement: I'm creating a wonderful new website that takes everything we have here on EOL combines it with some fantastic new products, and amazing bloggers to provide a world of info, humor and solutions for a holistic and sustainable approach to Beauty, Body and Being."

Visit Website

Lori Singer is in a new film "Experimenter"

More Information

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