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Monday, 1 December 2014

Fame News!

We are celebrating Christmas this year with a 12 part Christmas fan fiction story Called "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".  Set at Christmas 1984, where it would fall into Season 4 of the show, after the events of Thanksgiving where Leroy's Father showed up out of the blue and Danny was having problems with his own Father. The whole season 4 cast and a few special guests are involved in the story which made it the most difficult of all the fan fictions I've written, trying to keep all the individual storylines paced throughout the story.

Although everyone is involved the story focuses on Danny trying to earn his Father's approval by organising a Charity Christmas Benefit for the Knights of St Anthony and Leroy who is hoping to have a special family Christmas.

We see how David Reardon left the school and as Holly had been missing from a few of the actual episodes at that time we get an explanation as to why and see the start of her anorexia storyline. Will love be the answer to her problems?

There's some great fun in store for Sherwood and Morloch as he is looking to repeat Thanksgiving where he spent the day with Sherwood's family and hoping to spend Christmas day with her too! Then we see a side of Sherwood we have never seen before! 

I'm really pleased with the results so enjoy a festive, heart warming story to get you in you the mood for Christmas. There's love, laughter, tears and joy, plus we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Band Aid and "Do They Know It's Christmas"!   

As it's a fan fiction month there will also be some further commentaries from "Doris Schwartz Time and Again".

Billy Hufsey’s “Celebrity Idols” at Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas continues and here's a link to a review of the show

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Debbie Allen's Hot Chocolate Nutcracker will be performed December 12th to 14th at UCLA Royce Hall. The show stars Debbie Allen and Carlo Imperato. 

More Information and Tickets

The show will also be broadcast on BET on December 7th

Here's an interview with Debbie Allen, during rehearsals for the show.

Here's a scene from the show.

Otis Sallid, Fame original assistant choreographer is working with Debbie Allen on Mariah Carey's forthcoming New York Christmas concerts.

Read Article for more information

There's no episode of the month so there will be two next month.

Have a great month and a wonderful Holiday period,


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