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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 8 Commentary

As we continue into "If Tomorrow Never Comes Part Two" I knew how the episode as to end but needed something to fill this episode before we got there. So we start by having Nicole sing again. This time another Lisa Hartman song from her 1987 album. It's not the best song in the World but the Song title of "Until My Heart Stops Beating" seemed so appropriate for this episodes as time is running out for Nicole and she's still expressing how she feels about Jesse. 
It was pure coincidence that I had Dusty in this episode. The TV series tells us that she was at the party and having used both Ian and Dusty before in my story it seem good to have Jesse be with them. At the time of writing Dusty's feelings for Jesse were just something to pad the episode with. Again I didn't realise how important that would be in season 3.
For my padding I wanted Bruno to confront Doris and want an explanation. Until the events of our Series One finale teenage Bruno and Doris' friendship was on the line. He then realised that teenage Doris wasn't the one telling him things and that there were in fact two Doris'. I knew at some point that Bruno needed to meet up with the older Doris again but knew it wouldn't be here and just wanted to play with that a little bit. 
We continue the padding with the Lisa scene, purely to cause Doris frustration and add tension as to whether Doris will be able to stop Nicole getting into the car.   I also wanted to reassure readers that Doris definitely wasn't dead so had Lisa be the bearer of that message. 
Back at the party there's a little more fun with Bruno  and Doris is finally in the right place to try and help Nicole. That is until the car drives off. The time merging arc meant I could have Angelo Martelli back. We can tell from what he says that this is season one of the TV series for him. Doris pretends Nicole is her daughter to get Angelo on side.
Anyway the chase is on but I have the car in which Nicole is in crash anyway. It seemed the perfect end to actually make Doris' actions be what was responsible for the actual crash.  Again I find the end very chilling.   

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