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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Valerie Landsburg and Lee Curreri Could We Be Magic Like You 2014

Valerie Landsburg and Lee Curreri had a recent reunion in LA. 

Valerie said:  "While I've been in LA its been so wonderful to hang out with Lee, we have the kind of friendship that seems to defy time apart, we pick up right where we left off."

While together they recorded with wonderful version of "Could We Be Magic Like You".  The video is below.

Also they are promoting Valerie's Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for her movie "Offer and Compromise".

Valerie is grateful to anyone who takes the time to pledge and support her project, but she has told me it means a lot to her when it's her Fame fans who pledge. 

Valerie has given us so much as Doris on Fame. How many of us have said at some point in the past "I wish I had a friend like Doris?" 

Well we do, we have Valerie and after giving us so much she's asking for our help. Just one dollar shows we care and adds your name to the list of supporters. 

So Pledge and Share as much as you can.

Valerie's Kickstarter campaign

1 comment:

Martin Maenza said...

It is so amazing to see these old friends together again - performing and working towards Valerie's cause.