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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 4 Commentary


As this episode starts I have to get Doris out of the situation as I don't want the confrontation with Leroy to take place yet. As I'd introduced Greg Crandall this season I thought it would be interesting for him to be the one that saves her. Crandall always seemed to have a soft spot for Doris and so far he is the only Character that is displaced in time. The other characters we knew that had since died like Shorofsky were obviously alive during the whole run of the show. So although Doris knows they have since died there's no issue with them being there in the past, but Crandall's appearance during a time that he was already dead on the show does create a mystery. 

Having had Crandall save Doris I want to build on the mystery of his character so quickly have Doris move in time so he doesn't have to give any explanation for his actions or his presence. Basically I wanted a little bit of light filler to fill the episode before we return to the Crandall mystery. So having Doris appear in the classroom and interact as a teacher with the season 6 cast was simply that. 

It has no relevance to the this story at all and I just wanted it to be a little more fun. Also it was a way to try to incorporate all the cast even the ones that Doris didn't know. The scene does reference the fact that Ian can't read music, which was part of the original series. At this point of writing I wasn't sure if I would use the season 6 cast any more but ultimately there are a couple of brief scenes but that's it.  

Then we suddenly are back to Crandall, and Doris believes he knows more about what is going on than he's said. So having Doris beg him to tell her the full story seemed like a good ending, as we think we are going to be told more of the story. So that's what inspired the title, "Show Me How To Make It Right" which comes from the season 1 song "I was Only Trying To Help". Doris is asking Crandall to help her understand so she can get back to her own time.

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