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Monday, 9 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 1 Ep 6 Commentary

"Face To Face" from the season 2 song of the same name was obviously chosen because at the end Doris does come Face to Face with her younger self.  Having mentioned the situation as a potential problem in episode 2, I really thought I should explore it more.  

If I'm really honest this episode is filler and to me is the worst one of season one. I have been told that I was too hard on myself for saying that. One person said my filler episodes are better than some other people's stories at their peak! Which was really nice to hear.

However, I can't talk about it without mentioning how I feel about it. So to be honest, I knew where the story was going in future episodes but felt it was time to reflect on a couple of key points that had happened so far and not develop another big thing to happen. 

So having Doris link to past events without really being involved and mentioning things like the mysterious voice and the hospital it kept those points on the boil as I still wasn't sure if I would need to use them or how I would use them.

Also the story highlights how little control she has over her situation and how quickly events can change for her, making her question how her actions may be affecting the time line. 

The most important scene was the cafeteria scene highlighting that Bruno had taken her advice so that helped develop the story for future episodes. 

Then having built up the jeopardy of the two Doris' meeting, of course by the end of the episode it happens. As I wrote it I had no idea how I would explain the situation or get the older Doris out of it and I left that dilemma for me to think over as I went through idea's for the next episode.

Read "Face To Face"    

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