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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 1 Ep 3 Commentary

For me this is the most important episode of the first season. We not only learn so much back story of what has happened, to Doris in her life, and can see exactly why she may want to run away from that life but we also see how much scope "Time and Again" actually has. This made the writing very fulfilling.

Initially when I thought about the concept of this series, it was going be Doris revisiting various events from the past and maybe having mini adventures connected to those events or learning a lesson or two. However even after only two previous episodes, I realised there has to be something more otherwise the story would become pretty tired and very quickly.  

When I first started writing the series it was a case of think of an episode and put Doris into it and see what happens. That is exactly how this one started. Doris needed to escape Mrs Berg and I'd already decided that that somehow she would move in time. It's a great plot device to get her out of difficult situations and keeping the story going. 

When I think of events happening outside the school on the streets I always think of "Hot Times In The City Streets" from "Indian Summer" so as Doris was going outside I was quickly going to introduce the concept of moving in time and putting her into that episode. Initially it was just going to be fun and for those that didn't realise her rant at Cleo is connected to the events of "Spontaneous Combustion" which would occur a couple of episodes later. 

However what happened was when I was looking at pictures to insert for "Hot Time in The City Street" I saw the Twin Towers. Instantly it made me wonder how someone from the future who was used to not seeing them would react to suddenly seeing them again. Even if someone didn't live in New York the events surrounding their destruction has so impacted on our minds that I thought it would be impossible not to have an emotional reaction and that would give a new aspect to the storytelling. 

As I explored the idea it just hit me, lets Doris have suffered personal tragedy connected to those events. Of course it had to be her Mother. Having lost my own Mother suddenly it was easy to channel my own feelings of loss and guilt. Suddenly we have a powerful, emotional situation which we learn has scarred Doris.  There is mention of a breakdown and time she has spent in a mental hospital. That was a seed I wanted to plant as that was one of the ideas I was exploring to explain what had happened to send back into the past. I wasn't sure I would use it but if it was there I could expand upon it if needed.

The title "To See Your Face Again" comes from the season 6 song of the same name and just fit perfectly. Anyone who has lost anyone important to them probably has that longing for some more time with that person, even just one day. Then I realised with time travel you can make it come true. Sticking with the season 4 episodes it didn't take much for me to remember Angela Schwartz appearance in "Blizzard". Some how it seemed appropriate to go from a really hot day to a really cold one which just seemed to add to the emotional punch that I believe this episode has. 

This was great to write and it meant I laid down a challenge to myself to maintain even surpass the emotional impact of this episode in the future. Suddenly what I'd initially thought could end up being a chore to write a story had become very rewarding and enjoyable.

Read "To See Your Face Again"

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