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Monday, 1 April 2013

Fame News!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter!
This Month is Magazine month and we've got some great rare magazine articles and interviews with the cast. Many of which come from around the time of the 2nd U.K. which was 30 years ago this month!

That also means this month is also the 30th anniversarry of "The Kids From Fame Live" album and "Friday Night" Single so we'll be celebrating that too. 

Also instead of our usual episode of the month we will be flashing back 30 years to the start of the U.K. broadcast of season 2 of Fame which was on April 21st. For each episode we'll be updating the episode guide with the usual reviews, episode pictures, promotional info, scripts and videos. 

 Season 2 was the most neglected on the episode guide and many of you have emailed asking for it to be updated. So starting the end of this month that will happen with "And The Winner Is" and "Your Own song". 

This also means that Season 2 MP3 links will be updated so they will again be working. 

My fan fiction story "Doris Schwartz - Time and Again" also returns at the end of this month for it's final season. I'm still writing the final episodes so I'm not 100% how many there will be but it will be around 10 to 15 and there will be a new one posted for you to read each month. To Jasmine, who wrote asking for a Danny storyline, particularly using the "Indian Summer" episode, well I've found a great way to work that in so that will be coming up when we reach the half way point of the season.  I hope you enjoy it!   

Carol Burnett's book on her daughter Carrie Hamilton is out this month from April 9th from Amazon, titled "Carrie and Me (A Mother -Daughter Love Story)".  

Amazon U.K.

Amazon U.S.

Carol Mayo Jerkins direct a play "Five Women Wearing The Same Dress" as the Clarence Brown Theatre running from 4th to 21st April.

More Information & Interview 

Have a great Month,



Jasmine said...

Hello Mark it is Jasmine again I would like to thank you for putting in my request into your story I am really excited to see how it will fit in to the story line.
Many thanks Jasmine

Mark Perkins said...

You're very welcome,