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I'm Mark & I've Been a Fame fan since 1982. This blog is dedicated to the incredibly talented cast of the show and is a place to share music, videos and pictures. 2019 sees the Fame cast returning to the U.K. for the first time in over 35 years, with 2 special concerts in Liverpool and a Convention. Come Join the Party and get your tickets now!

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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Fame U.K. Reunion T- Shirt Design By Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson contacted me about creating a unique T shirt Design that wouldn't infringe copyright.

I put him in contact with Sue Hinds and he created the wonderful design o f the official Fame U.K. Reunion T- shirts. With all the proceeds going to Claire House Charity. 

When the T-shirt were put on sale Rob said:

"Anybody that knows me has no inkling that I ruddy love 'Fame'- Alan Parker's seminal 1980 film and the subsequent TV show.

I've had a mad crush on Doris Schwartz since I was eleven, and am 'well jel' of Bruno Martelli's synthesizer collection and his dense, lustrous barnet.

There's a full on Fame reunion in Liverpool this year, May 5th & 6th, featuring eight cast members in two all singing, all dancing shows at the M&S Bank Arena.
I'm beyond chuffed to have designed some original merch for the show!!"

The last few remaining T-Shirts are currently available on Ebay. Get them while you can.

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Rob also drew the amazing pictures that appeared on Valerie Landsburg Hi Fidelity Dress and we'll have a post on that soon. 

DESDEMONA - LMA Dancers, Singers and Choir

Sunday 5th May 2019

Monday 6th May 2019 with thanks to Larry.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The One Show 2nd May 2019

 On Thursday May 2nd we travelled from Liverpool to London to be part of the audience for the One Show. Back in September 2018 when Fame U.K. Reunion launched I’d missed out on being part of the audience. I’d contacted the BBC weeks beforehand to see how to get tickets for the audience only to be told they don’t normally have audiences. Then the day before transmission they contacted me asking to help them find Fame fans for the audience!

I live in Cornwall and despite what felt like hours trying to make the journey work for myself it wasn’t meant to be. Besides as we were launching someone needed to be on hand to deal with all the enquiries and messages to the Facebook page, of which there were many. Actually my phone nearly exploded that night!

So I contacted other fans that lived near London and arranged for them to attend. However, this time I was determined to be there.

Originally Loretta Chandler was just going to be part of the audience with us so I decided as we’d be travelling together we’d go First class. However after Erica Gimpel dropped out of the Reunion and Loretta stepped in to be part of the Concerts she came to the U.K. early and was then part of the cast appearing on the show.

We spent about 5 hours travelling there and back just to record a 30 minute show but it was great to be part of the cast return to U.K. TV.

 It may have been pouring with rain outside but inside the fans were meeting for the first time. It’s a really small studio and there were probably about 30 of us there. After being briefed by an assistant to basically make as much noise as possible we were taken to the studio. The presenters Matt Baker and Angelica Bell were practicing their entrance which was fun as they were wearing leg warmers and headbands. There was a lot of excited energy as the presenters and then the cast made their way through the crowd. Michael and I hid at the back as we had no desire to actually be seen. A video featurette, which did show me from the original film we made, was followed by the cast and Sue Hinds being interviewed. It was wonderful to be part of.  The audience had been asked to submit questions but time was short and only Dennis Haddock got to ask a question. Really the Fame cast could have taken over the whole show.

When the show ended it was a mad rush to get back to Euston Train Station to catch our train and we didn’t stay for the audience photo however our train was delayed slightly so we could have stayed after all. The cast were travelling back on the same train although they were in a different first class carriage. It felt bizarre standing at Euston Station surround by the cast of Fame as we waited for our train to be announced. I couldn’t help thinking why they weren’t being mobbed! In the end only one fan who had been at the One Show came and asked for photos.

As we’d travelled with Loretta’s sister Cloretta, Loretta travelled back in our carriage and we had a fun couple of hours. Loretta was fun and we were pretty loud. I kept seeing the faces of some of the other passengers and thought that any minute we’d be thrown out of the carriage but we weren’t. We arrived back in Liverpool tired but happy. What a great way to start the Reunion Weekend!

MANNEQUIN - Jesse borrego Fame U.K. Reunion 2019

Sunday 5th May 2019

Monday 6th May 2019

Friday, 7 June 2019

Ebay of the Week

This week a Fame U.K. Reunion Poster Signed by all the cast.

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Pharaoh Kingsley was an extra on "Fame" Here he remembers being on the final episode:


The third and last time I worked on my favorite TV show of all time Fame
season 6 episode 24 BABY REMEMBER MY NAME 1987, I sat in the second row of the beginning acting class as Chris speaks to the class about how easy it is to get work, he later comes back to tell the class the truth that it is not that easy. When... Billy Hufsey came back the second time the guy doing the clip -board snapped my nose, it turned red as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! Billy could not help but laugh as he spoke his lines and saw my shiny red nose, I hid behind the girl sitting in the front row so that he could not see my red nose and he could say his lines without laughing.

Later in another scene Debbie Allen directed me to go to wardrobe and change into some tights for the scene in the ballet class. I told her " I do not know how to dance ballet" she replied " You got the look baby, fake it." In the scene where she and Russ Tamblyn have dialogue in the ballet class, I walk in with a red handbag, place it on a table next to where a girl is standing and walk out of the scene."

Loretta Chandler and Jesse Borrego - Rehearsal Jam- Fame U.K. Reunion

Loretta Chandler and Jesse Borrego rehearsal jam. Here's what Loretta had to say:

"During one of our rehearsals we had a true FAME moment. The band began to improvise this really nice slow jam and then Jesse with his sultry voice added some words and then I joined in and the room got a little hot...but it was so much fun. Thanks Val for catching this on tape."