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Alone In The Crowd (Jay LB Fly Alone Mix)
A Special Place (Jay LB London Mix)

Baby I'm a Star 
Back On The Savage Streets 
Ballad Medley (live in UK)  
Ballad Medley (live in Israel) 
Ballad Medley (live - Fame Looks at the music of 1983) 
Ballet Dance (From Equals)
Bargain Base Boogie Instrumental 
Beat It/Billie Jean/Baby Be Mine (Live) 
Beatles Medley (live) 
Beautiful Dreamer (Instrumental)
Beautiful Dreamer (Jay LB You're Special Mix) 
Be My Music (Episode version)
Be My Music (Jay LB Extended Mix)
Better Days (Episode Version)
Better Days (Album Version) 
Best Your Life It's Me (JayLB Something Special Mix)
Be Your Own Hero (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Bird Jam Instrumental
Blast The Music (Billy Solo)
Blood, sweat and Circuits Dance Instrumental
Blowin In The Wind (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Body Language (Instrumental)
Bomb (Episode Version)
Bomb (Original Version)
Boys Medley (Live 84)
Bruno's Goodbye (Instrumental)
Bruno Plays at Caruso's (Instrumental)
Bruno Plays for Lisa (Instrumental) 
Burn Down The Night 
Cafeteria Dance (Instrumental)
Can You Feel It Jacksons MP3
Carnival (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Cats Musical Medley Instrumental
Chris' Audition Instrumental
Chris' Workout Instrumental
City Nights - (Episode Version)
City Nights - (Album Version)
City Nights - (Chris' Ultimate Hi Energy Mix)
City Nights - (Hot tracks Mix)
Come What May - (Gene's version)
Come What May - (Gene's Version) Jay LB Waiting For It Mix
Come What May - (Carlo's version) 
Come What May - (Nia's version)
Come What May (She Believes) (Instrumental /Karaoke)
Controversy (Instrumental)
Controversy (Prince 12 inch Mix)
Dance Auditions (Intrumental) 
Dances of The Past Medley (Live) 
Dancing Duel (Instrumental) 
Deer Dance (Instrumental)
Desdemona (album Version)
Desdemona (episode Version)
Desdemona (Jay LB Jay N Shakespeare Mix)
Desdemona (live)
Designer Puppies (Instrumental)
Did I Ever Really Live (DVD Replacement Music)
Don't stand Another Chance (Live)
Earth Angel (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Ease On Down The Road (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Elvis Medley (Live)
Everybody's Got A Road To Go Down
Evolution of Dance (Instrumental)
Fame (Erica's version)
Fame (Irene's version album Version)
Fame  (Irene's Single Version)
Fame (Irene's Special 12inch Mix)
Fame (Instrumental album Version)
Fame (London Symphony Orchestra Instrumental)
Fame (live in UK)
Fame (live 84 The Heart of Rock n Roll)
Fame (Final Episode Fill cast Version)
Fame (David Bowie version)
Fame (David Bowie Version) (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Fame (Fama - Spanish Version)
Fame (Dutch Version)
Fame of Yesteryear (Instrumental)
Far Beyond The Horizon
Find Your Dream (Instrumental)
Fire and Ice (live)
For What It's Worth
Friday Night (live)
Friday Night (Live In Israel)
Friday Night (UK Tour Rehearsal)
Get Down Shorofsky (Instrumental)
Give Em A Hand (Teachers Instrumental)
Handel's Messiah (Instrumental)
Hello (Instrumental/Karoke) 
Hi Fidelity (album version)
Hi Fidelity (episode version)
Hi Fidelity (Jay LB Synth Mix)
Hi Fidelity (live)
Hi Fidelty (2001 version)
Hi Fidelity (karaoke)
Higher Ground (live)
High Flying (Instrumental)
High Flying (Cello/Poem Vesion)
Holly Practices (Instrumental)
Hot Lunch Jam (Album Version)
Hot Lunch Jam (Episode Version)
Hot Lunch Jam (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Hot Lunch Jam (Jay LB Jam Mix)

I Can't Hold Back
I'm Hip 
In a Classical Mood (Instrumental)
Infatuation (live) 
I Sing The Body Electric (Jay LB Extended Mix)
I Sing The Body Electric (Instrumental/Karaoke)
I Still Believe In Me (Instrumental/Karaoke)
I Still Believe In Me (Erica Solo) 
I Still Believe In Me (Cynthia's live version)
I Still Believe In Me (Erica's Live Version 2011)
Is It Okay To Call You Mine (Instrumental)
IS It Okay To Call You Mine (Piano Instrumental) 
It's Gonna Be A Long Night (Episode Version)
Joyful Noise
Just Like You (album version)
Just Like You (episode version) 
Just Like You (Jay LB Disco Mix)
Just When I Really Needed You (live) 

Lay Back And Be Cool (live)
Lay Back And Be Cool (Michael Delorenzo Version)
Legacy (Instrumental)
Leroy's Drum Dance Instrumental
Life Is A Celebration (Extended Mix)
Life Is A Celeration (Jay LB Rick Mix)
Life Is A Celebration (tour rehearsal)
Life Is A Celebration (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Light One Candle (Original Version)
Light One Candle (Uptempo Version)
Light One Candle (DVD Version)
Loca De Amor
Love Of The Game
Lucky Enough For Two (Jay LB Take A Chance Mix)
Lucky Star (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Lydis's Solo Dance Instrumental from His Majesty Donlon
Man In The Mirror (Gene Version)
Man In The Mirror (Lori Liebeman) 
Mannequin (album version)
Mannequin (episode version)
Mannequin (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Mannequin (live) 
Memory (live)
Miles From Here (album version)
Miles From Here (episode version)
Miles From Here (Ben Garen Version)
Moonlight Sonata (Instrumental)
Motown Vs The Beach Medley (Live)
Mr. Cool (Album Version)
Mr Cool (Episode Version)
Murphy's Blues (live)
Nutcracker Dance (Instrumental)
Once In Awhile (Lee Solo)
Once In Awhile (Lee & Valerie Duet)
One Touch (Reprise)
Out Here On My Own (Irene's version)
Out Here On My Own (Cynthia's version)
Out Here On My Own (Nia's Version)
Out Here On My Own (Instrumental) 
Out Here On My Own (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Outside Myself, Inside Love
Piano Music (Bruno Plays at Caruso's)
Polanise Brilliante (Instrumental)
Running With the Night (Instrumental/Karaoke)
See Your Face Again
Sherwood's Dance (Instrumental)
Shimmy (live)
Sho Sho Sho Shorofsky (Italian Version) Thanks to Michele
Silent Night (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Sing For You America (Instrumental)
Singing In The Rain (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Sing, Sing, Sing (Instrumental)
Someone To Watch Over Me (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Instrumental/karaoke)
Song Of Joy (Billy Preston)
Songs (album Version)
Songs (episode version)
Songs (Jimmy Osmond solo)
Songs (Instrumental)
Sousaphone Home (Instrumental)
Spooky Music (Instrumental)
Starmaker (album version)
Starmaker (Strike episode version)
Starmaker (A Special Place episode version)
Starmaker (live in the U.K.
Starmaker (live in Israel)
Starmaker (Instrumental/Karaoke 1)
Starmaker (Instrumental/Karaoke 2)
Starmaker (Instrumental/Karaoke 3)
Starting At the End - Phoebe Edit
Stay With Me Tonight (Live)
Step Up To The Mike (album version)
Step Up To The Mike (episode version)
Step Up To The Mike (Instrumental/Karaoke)
Stevie Wonder Medley (Live)
Straight To The Heart
Such Good Friends Instrumental
Suddenly (Instrumental/Karaoke)
That's What I'm Dancing About
The Heart Of Rock n Roll (Live)
The Last Dance Instrumental 
The Rites of Spring Instrumental
The Show Must Go On (Instrumental/Karaoke)
The Sound Of Silence
Trust Me 
Turn To Me (Valerie's Solo version)
Turn To Me (Carlo & Valerie Duet)
Two Roads (Poem)
Two To The Power Of Love (album version)
Two To The Power Of Love (episode version)

Viennese Waltz - Instrumental
Walk The Wire (Nia's Version)
Walk The Wire (Jesse's Version)
We (live version)
We Got The Power (album version) 
We Got The Power (episode version)
We Got The Power (live version)
We Got The Power (12 inch Mix)
We Got The Power (Jay LB No Power Mix)
We Got The Power (Instrumental/Karaoke)
When You're Young/Fame (Tour Rehearsal)
When You're Young/Fame (Emmy Awards)
Winners Tango (Instrumental)
With Your Eyes (Cuts Like A Knife)
You Can't Stand Up Alone (Billy Hufsey Solo) 
You're The real Music (Jay LB Electro Mix)
42nd Street