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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Julie Miller - Character of the Month

Julie Miller

Julie Miller arrives in New York City with her Mother, fresh from the small town of Grand Rapids, Michigan after her parents get a divorce.
Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, Julie is tall with long hair. She is a little quiet and shy and a very talented cellist. She wins a place at the School of the Arts but finds living in New York and trying to fit in to the school much harder than she expected.   A couple of accidents creates a rift with Coco Hernandez but Montgomery MacNeill takes Julie under his wing and tutors her in how to survive in New York and at the school. This helps Julie come out of her shell.

As well as struggling to fit in at school Julie is missing her boyfriend Lester who is back in Grand Rapids trying to support her Mother who has her own anxieties about moving to the City and trying to find a job.  

Julie was born on July 13th under the sign of Cancer, which coco labels as a “moon child...Always into big emotional scenes”.  Julie’s star sign also causes and issue with Coco, in “The Sell Out” believing it could impact on the success of a school show.
Despite being a musician Julie is keen to develop her acting and dancing skills too. When she goes up against Coco for the part of Desdemona in Othello, Julie is surprised to discover that she won the part.

In “Childhood’s End” Julie’s Cello is stolen and that makes her doubt herself. Having lost her precious 200 year old Cello she believes using another cello affects her performance.
 Julie has a brief relationship with student teacher and reporter Jeff Harris in “Expose” but when she releases he is planning to a piece full of scandal for a newspaper they quickly break up. When Lester and some other friends are on a visit to New York in “A Tough Act To Follow” Julie wants to keep her two Worlds separate, scared that she’s not the same person anymore and her old friends won’t understand. 

Troy Phillips develops a crush on her in “Love is the Answer” and her mother believes she is having a sexual relationship with Bruno Martelli in “Friendship Day”.
Julie is viewed as straight laced and honest and surprises people when she gets angry. In 
“Relationships” when she is mad at Doris for using her she reveals that as a child she was quite a tomboy and would get into fist fights all the time. Also she surprises people when she wants to be part of a bet Danny sets up in “Sunshine Again”, as they don’t expect her to get involved with things like that.

In “Feelings” Julie’s father comes to town and says he has something important to tell her. Julie is hoping that her parents will have reconciliation but is disappointed to discover that her Father is marrying someone else.  This and the fact that she didn’t win a music competition makes her doubt her whether she is good enough to ever make it as a performer.  

We learn in "Gonna Learn How To Fly Part One", that during the summer break Julie won a scholarship to a classical music camp in Corpus Christi, Texas. There she meets Glen an athlete, who specialises in the shot put and worked as a life guard at the camp. After about 7 weeks Julie and Glen got married and Julie decided not to return to New York and the School of the Arts. 

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