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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Fame Coloring Books - Trivia of the week

Fame Colouring and Activity Books.

In the U.K. only one colouring book was issued. 

Printed in Finland it was published by World International Publications Limited in 1983 priced 30p. It contained drawings based on official cast photos for people to colour in.

In the U.S. 4 colouring and activity books were issued. Printed in Canada they were published by Playmore Publishing Inc and Waldman Publishing Corp from New York in 1983 priced 99 cents. 

They contained draws of the cast based on official photos but were put together to make individual stories. They also contained various puzzles and word games.

The stories were written by Michael J Pellowski, with Art by Nick LoBianco. The Activities were designed by Jesse Zerner and the books were compiled and edited by Malvina G Vogel.

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