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Thursday, 11 March 2021

The First Time - Full Production Credits - Trivia of the week

Executive Producer:  Patricia Jones and Donald Reiker
Supervising Producer:  Christopher Seiter
Consulting Producer: David De Silva
Creator: Christopher Gore
Written  by Carol Mendelsohn
Director: Robert C. Thompson
Producer Claylene Jones
Coordinating Producer: Denny Salvaryn
Executive Script Consultant: Ira Steven Behr
Creative Consultant:  Carol Gary
Executive Story Editor: Michael McGreevey
Story Editor: Frank South
Associate Producer: Frank Merwald
                                     Randall Torno
Choreography: Jaime Rogers
Assistant Choreographer: Tony B. White
Director of Photography: William W. Spencer A.S.C.
Art Diretor: Ira Diamond
Editor: John P. Farrell
Unit Production Manager: Denny Salvaryn
First Assistant Director: Leslie Jackson    
Second Assistant Director: Tony Mason    
Set Director: Sam Gross
Producer’s Coordinator: Robert Caplain
Property Master:  John Kilma
Costumer:  Nanrose Buchman
Script Supervisor: Bob Gary
Make Up: Jack Wilson  
Hair Stylist: Gloria Montemayer
Sound: Christopher Ramsey
Sound Editor: Harry M. Cheney
Online Editor: Joe Bella
Rerecording Mixer: Fred Tator
Music Editor: Leslie Allison Whitfield
Music Producer: Gary Scott
Music Supervisor: Harry V. Lojewski
Music Coordinator: Maureen Crowe
Score: John Denby
Fame Theme: Michael Gore
                           Dean Pitchford
Casting: Meg Liberman Casting
                Irene Cagen
Original Casting: Mary Goldberg (New York)
                                Linda Francis (Los Angeles)
Capezio Dancewear provided by: Ballet Makers Inc
Some Wardrobe and Accessories provided by George Marciano for Guess?
Promotional Consideration by:
                                                       Casio – EMI Division
                                                           Fender Musical Instruments
                                                       Roland Corporation
                                                       Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack
                                                      Schafer and Sons, Pianos & Organs
                                                           Selmar Musical Instruments
National Advertising Sales:     Lexington Broadcast Service
Post Production Facility: Complete Post Inc
Produced by M.G.M
In Cooperation with: RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana TV2
Keyboards: Michael Whetherwax    
Colorist: Trent Johnson
Sound Mixer: Michel Stone
Lead Man: Kenneth Milfred
              Randy Allaire
  Paula Brown
  Christophe Caballero
  Shaun Earl
  Melissa Hurley
  Ken Molina 
  Regan Patno
  Dwayne Phelps
  Trish Ramish
  Cynthia Sarmiento
              Bronwyn Thomas           
              Rocker Verastique        
              Debra Verna
              Michelle Whitney Morrison

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