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Monday, 1 March 2021

Fame News March 2021

This month we celebrate the amazing Carol Mayo Jenkins as our cast member of the month. Looking at Carol's biography and a look at Elizabeth Sherwood. Fame Choreographer Otis Sallid is our crew member of the month.

The Episode of the Month is "The First Time" from Season 5.

Talking of Season 5, our playlist on DailyMotion is now complete. 23 out of the 24 episodes are now available in one place View Playlist . Episode 16 "The Inheritance" is blacklisted but is available to view on YouTube .

DailyMotion also has our complete  Season 1 Playlist and our complete Season 2 Playlist, as well as selected Season 3, 4 and 6 episodes and Season 1 and 2 episodes dubbed into Italian, Spanish and French (more will be added soon). View DailyMotion Channel

Debbie Allen Talked to Good Morning America last months about being pre diabetic.

Congratulations to Loretta Chandler who has been announced as the President of the Atlanta Walk of Fame.

Nia Peeples Empowerment speech at Tedx Citrus PArk Women.

There will be a charity auction in Beverly Hill, selling many of Janet Jackson's stage and personal outfits from over the years.  The auction will be organized by Julien's Auctions and held May 14th to 16th (Janet's Birthday).  

Last Month Janet's breakthrough album "Control" turned 35 and to Celebrate Debbie Allen posted her own little tribute.

Erica Gimpel was part of La Guardia High Schools Fame 4.0 celebrations last month to raise money for Arts Education. TEXT FAME40 TO 41444 TO DONATE!

Jesse Borrego was interviewed by the San Antonio Current last month talking about Hollywood during the pandemic. Read Interview 

Michael Cerveris
Interview with George Farmer on Broadway Uncovered 2021. 

Fame Dancer Eartha Robins made a statement on Facebook last month:

"I am Eartha Robinson.

I was raised in Harlem and trained throughout Manhattan and Queens, NYC.

I’ve been working as a professional dancer since the age of 16 and I still dance when I want.

Dance transitioned me into Choreography, which transitioned into Creative Directing, which transitioned me into Directing and Producing. During this span of my life I have worked side-by-side,  under and with some of the world’s most renowned, award-winning and acclaimed Directors, Actors, Recording Artists and Producers.

My resume speaks for itself.

I am an Artist, I am a Creative, I am a Strong Black Woman who has given her life in and for this industry from Broadway, Stage, Television and Film.

I don’t wanna hold you guys hostage I just want to share my knowledge, state my case, and speak my truth.

Who is a creative director? A person who has creativity flowing consistently, it just happens for them in a blink of an eye never worrying about it dying or having to borrow from others, always being in the flow, and inspired to do more. A creative director can guide their team to make the vision a reality.

The Ego falls away. Time flies.

Every Action, Movement and Thought inevitably from the previous one. Your whole being is involved and you’re using your skills to the utmost.

      - Dr.Mihaly Csikszentmmihalyi

Always seeing and seizing the opportunity to make life happen in the Arts.

These are my thoughts as a Creative Director. I view this person as one who has Imagination and Vision. One who has become a vessel for Creativity and takes in all from Life to Fantasy to create Magic...Those are my thoughts…

Thank you for letting me share.


Have a great Month,


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