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Monday, 1 February 2021

Fame News February 2021


This month we focus on PR Paul, his life , career and character Montgomery MacNeill. Along with all our usual features. Composer William Goldstein is our crew member of the month. 

The episode of the month is "Spontaneous Combustion" from Season 4.

Season 3 is now available online on our Kids From Fame Media YouTube channel in our unlisted Season 3 Playlist. The Israel Concert and Fame looks at the Music of 1983 Concert are available via our Daily Motion Channel.

PR Paul's released his new single and video "Hot Times In The City", last month. 

Purchase MP3 on Amazon U.K. 

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Available on other Streaming services. 

Nia Peeples shared her experience over the Christmas period:

"Over the course of this holiday season, everyone I know had a mix of feelings. Good or bad, the commonality was in the sense of it all sitting atop shifting sands. I was not immune. There have been moments of great sadness as I feel the real struggle many are suffering through.

This year, I’m at my family home in California with my mom and daughter for the holidays. So Rather than shopping about in masks for gifts we could live without or giving more money to Amazon Marketplace by ordering for delivery, we decided to go to an independently owned dollar store to purchase goods we then delivered to the homeless. Many of them had lost their homes during these very difficult yet transformative times. They were happy to receive our gifts but the truth is, they blessed me more than I helped them. It seems their being without much in the world introduced them to self acceptance and a natural state of kindness, things many of us struggle to embody even with a home to live in. I was astounded at the resiliency, at the creativity, the kindness, the humble sincere gratitude of these beautiful people .
For us, it was a most special and oddly inspiring Christmas Day,. Coming together In service and stopping along the way to take in the beauty and abundance of nature connected our hearts with one another and with the heart of humanity. It was exactly what we needed to bring us beyond whatever sadness was running through us and into the vibration of the futures we want to create.
Connecting with you through the heart as we head into 2021 and the beautiful world we are consciously choosing to co creating.

Love is the answer. It’s always the answer. #gratitude #newyears #selflove #selfacceptance #kindness #compassion"

Nia also talks Advanced Medicine: Introduction to Toxicity ARSP with Dr Rashid A Buttar.

Loretta Chandler has shared her thoughts on when Nia left "Fame":

" I was very hurt to see Nia go. She was and is my big sister. I really hated to see her go but I think it was a good career move for her.

The last show was exciting because I got to see all of the other Fame cast members that I loved my whole life, but also very sad because… It was the last show"

A reminder that Valerie Landsburg is now on Cameo. Fans can request Val to do shout outs, send messages to love ones and all the money goes to Non profits/Charities.  Join Cameo and you can join an exclusive club for each of your favourite stars, which gives priority access and exclusive content. 

Join Cameo using this link and get $5 off.  

You'll find Debbie Allen and Eric Pierpoint on Cameo too!


What a great start to the year with The Kids From Fame Zoom Reunion 2021 hosted by Tom Urie and produced by Sue Hinds featuring:

Jesse Borrego, Michael Cerveris, Lee Curreri, Cynthia Gibb, Erica Gimpel, David Greenlee, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Valerie Landsburg and P.R. Paul.

Tom meets and interviews the cast of the TV series "Fame" and talks lockdown, the future of the entertainment industry, and, of course, FAME!!!! Visit Fame U.K. Reunion Website to keep up to date on Fame UK news.

Debbie Allen is being honoured by the Kennedy Center for her artistry
Events will be held throughout the week of May 17th. CBS television will then air a two-hour primetime special with full coverage of the honorees on June 6th. 

Debbie also celebrated  her 71st birthday last month and received lots of glorious flowers. Debbie made a video to thank everyone.

Erica Gimpel guest starred on NCI: New Orleans in a 2 part story . Episode one aired on  January 17th. The second episode will air on 14th February. Here's a promo.

Jesse Borrego was interviewed on It's Showtime with Rikki Lee on Chicago Radio. Catch up at Huntley Radio 

Have a great month,


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