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Monday, 4 January 2021

Fame News January 2021

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful happy and relaxing holiday period. ow we are back with all new posts for 2021

We have some new features this year, including cast member of the month, where well be looking at each cast members life and career. This month is Morgan Stevens. 

We'll also look at their Character so David Reardon is our Character of the Month and we will focus on a Crew member of the Month too. This Month is director Thomas Charter. 

All Season 4 & 5 are now available to Watch online via our Episode Guide by clicking the episode title and scrolling down to the Video section in Links. 

Alternatively all Episodes are available on the Kids From Fame Media YouTube Channel in an Unlisted Playlist: Season 4 Playlist  Season 5 Playlist

Season 4 Episodes 13 "Tomorrow's Children" and 21 "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" and

Season 5 Episodes 14 "Holmes Sweet Holmes" and 21 "Contacts" 

are not available as YouTube rejects them but they can be viewed via our Daily Motion Channel. Find the episodes in the appropriate season Playlists. 

Episodes can be downloaded using the video URL and an online Video Download Site. We currently us 4K Video Downloader .

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We'll look at uploading Season 3 to YouTube but these episodes create more copyright issues).

The Episode of the Month is "Consequences" from season 3. We'll also start posting the chapters from Michael Hoey's book "Inside Fame  A Television Series" to be read online.

                                                     Happy Holidays from Debbie Allen

Debbie Also caught up with her sister Phylica Rashad via an Instagram Live chat.

                                                   Merry Christmas from Billy Hufsey

PR Paul appeared on the Da Bois Podcast last month for a great interview. 

Pauls' new song and video "Hot Times In The City" will be released on January 11th. 

Erica Gimpel revealed a new look for a TV show she did a 2 episode story arc for at the end of last year.
Erica said:
"Dearest Family & Friends
Flash Forward Friday:
There is a saying, “How you end the year is how you begin the next one”

So grateful to work, after 8 months, especially before the years end. To create and step into this woman with this cast, crew, costume designer, hair and makeup team really speaks to the collaborative art form acting is... Then to experience the care and input of the producers, director and writer, made it that much more wonderful.

I will let everyone know what show and when this 2 episode arc airs in 2021!

I am also rooting for everyone!
Let’s finish this year strong! And most importantly... Together!🙏🏽

Erica also announced that her film "Sylvie's Love" was on Amazon Prime from December 23rd in the U.S. (25th December in the U.K.)

"Beautiful People,
I’m excited to share more good news. In 2 day, on 12/23/20 the movie “Sylvie’s Love” premieres on Amazon Prime.
It is such an honor to be part of this film, which follows Sylvie (Tessa Thompson) fulfilling her dream at a time when her dream wasn’t even considered possible. And meeting the love of her life, Robert (Nnamdi Asomugha) while on the journey of becoming her fully realized self.
It was an honor to step into this classic time period, playing Eunice, a woman who owns her own etiquette school in Harlem and is Sylvie’s mother.
If you want to experience a love story, and a woman’s liberation story rolled into a visually expansive Hollywood classic style, watch “Sylvie’s Love” it will warm your heart!"

Cynthia Gibb and Giovanna Gattuso will be taking part in "A Journey To Fame" a performing arts workshop via Zoom on 16th and 17th January 2021. With Live workshops to take place in Italy later in the year.

For more information and subscriptions go to A Journey To Fame Website

Janet Jackson's - Number Ones album will be re-released on Red Vinyl exclusively from Target. Release date is set for January 22, 2021.

Michael Cerveris performs "I'm Going Home" From "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Fame Dancer Michelle Zeitlin talks to Lee Curreri on her Passion to Power Podcast.

Valerie Landsburg appeared on Isolation Radio HX  "Songs of my Life" on 26th December. If you missed the broadcast you can catch up on their Website. 

Have a great Month,


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