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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Fame News December 2020


Happy December!

This month we are counting down to Christmas, with our usual mix of Fame Fun, including some  festive posts. 

The episode of the Month is Fame and Fortune from season 6 and we'll be posting the script and Trivia.

All episodes of  Season 6 are now available to Watch online either by accessing the individual episodes on our Episode Guide by clicking the episode title and scrolling down to Videos in the Links section. 

Alternatively we have a Unlisted Season 6 Playlist on YouTube.  All episodes are available except "Pros and Cons" which YouTube rejects but that is available Via Daily Motion.

These episodes can be Downloaded by copying the video URL and using one of the Free Video Downloaders available. We currently use 4K Video Downloader (Although, downloading using these sites is at your own risk!)

We'll look at see how YouTube reacts to season 5 ready for next month. 


P.R. Paul has a new song and video coming soon called "Hot Times In The City Tonight". Here's a preview of the song.

"Dance Dreams" he Netflix Documentary about Debbie Allen's Hot Chocolate Nutcracker premiered on November 27th and is now available.

Debbie said: "Thank you, @ShondaRhimes and @Netflix!

#DanceDreams will give inspiration and joy to millions over this holiday season. Much love! Lights Up"

Debbie and Shondra have partnered with the Little Market Company to create some exclusive merchandise, with 50% of profits going to Debbie's Dance Academy.

View Merchandise

Shondra talks about how big a Fame fan she was.

An article on Debbie Features in the November 13th issue of People Magazine. For more information and video interview go to People.com


Debbie Allen also directed, produced and choreographed  Dolly Parton's "Christmas on the Square" Movie which also premiered on Netflix on November 22nd.

Debbie talks about Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

Cynthia Gibb's new Christmas movie "Christmas on the Menu"  premieres Friday 18th December on the Lifetime network.

Michael Cerveris performed an online solo concert last month. 


Also Michael Cerveris and his band Loose Cattle have released a moving new cover of David Bowie's iconic song, 'Heroes'!

Michael was also interviewed by the Mountaineer Media Podcast

Last Month Was a treasure trove of Fame cast member interviews:

Valerie Landsburg appeared on the Da Bois Podcast for a great interview.  Catch up if you missed it.

Eric Pierpoint also appeared on the Da Bois Podcast. Catch up if you missed it.

Elisa Heinsohn also appeared on the Da Bois Podcast. Catch up if you missed it.

On Thanksgiving Erica Gimpel shared:

"It’s not the number of people you share Thanks-Giving with ... it is the significance of the person you share it with... I am grateful to be sharing this day with my treasured mother.
And if on this day you find you are sharing it with yourself there is profound value in that too! Happy Thanks-Giving to you!
And to my friends and people who have lost loved ones during this time I send prayers of love your way. May the memory of your loved one live on in you with the passage of time.
May this year of 2020 remind us to be kinder to each other and the profound value of friendship, family and connection. And that we are truly in this life together.
Peace, Erica" 

Michael Delorenzo appeared as a guest on "Chasing The Impossible" Podcast. 

Fame U.K. Reunion band leader, Kecco Recchia and his band Paul Nose have their first single "Drunk" released on December 4th.  You can Pre-save on steaming services now. 

In the meantime  enjoy "Tearing Us Apart". 


Have a great Month and Merry Christmas,


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