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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Fame and Fortune - Script Changes and Deleted Scenes -Trivia of the Week

The "Fame and Fortune" Script has some slight changes in dialogue throughout. 
The opening scene between Nicole and Ian is Extended in the script.

The Scene in the street with Danny, Jesse and Ian watching girls is also extended.

The Scene Where Reggie, Jillian and Nicole discuss the Radio show is completely different in the script, which also adds Mrs Berg into the Mix. The script says it is a Revised Final draft but there must be further revisions out there somewhere.

The following scene between Jesse, Danny and Leroy has missing dialogue. It's a shame they cut Jesse Line about splitting up with Nicole because that would have added some nice continuity. 

The scene also is slightly different at the end.

The Scene after  Nicole and Frannie first meet is also completely different in the script.

The scene in the Hallway where the kids don't believe Nicole is sing back up is extended.

After the Recording Session and Nicole talks to Reggie and Jillian the scene ends differently.

The scene where the guys do the radio jingle is extended.

The scene after Frannie leaves the recording session plays out differently in the script.

The scene where Dyrenforth tells Danny and Jesse off for posting the poster of him doesn't include Shorofsky passing by and commenting which is in the episode.
The the scene in the cafeteria where Reggie and Jillian find out Nicole is cutting the demo plays differently.   

After the guys get Dyrenforth ready and Danny says "I think He's gonna blow It" the scene continues as Dyrenforth meets his date Ellen. This character is credited in the episode but doesn't actually appear in the final edit.

In the scene in the school office, Mr Shorofsky isn't in the script but in the episode he takes some of Mrs Berg's line!

The Scene n the cafeteria with Nicole, Reggie and Jillian plays differently in the script.  

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