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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Trivia of the Week - And The Winner Is Script Deleted Scenes

The Scene in Sherwood's Class  is slightly extended with one extra line from Sherwood. 

The follow Scenes also has a couple of lines of dialogue not in the Episode

The same scene is also longer than what we see in the Episode. Bruno has an additional couple of lines and then Dwight Sees Doris again. 

The following Scene in the Teachers lounge also as a missing line from Reardon.

The next Scene in the Cafeteria also has some missing dialogue as the Students discuss Bruno being allowed to have a say in the casting of his musical.  

The Scene between Doris and Dwight ion the Library has an additional line from Doris at the end:

The Scene at the start of Act 3 as Danny and Leroy walk along the character has additional lines for Danny:

The Scene in the Biology lab between Bruno and Doris has Additional lines:

The Scene at the End as Sherwood arrives back in the Lobby has actual dialogue between Leroy and Sherwood:

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