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Monday, 3 August 2020

Fame News

We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer. We are back with another month of the usual round up of Fame, Music, Pictures, Trivia etc..

The episode of the Month is Danny DeBergerac from Season 4.

This month we'll be celebrating the Fame Picture strips from around the World, with pictures strips in Dutch, Spanish and English.

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Sad news; Sir Alan Parker the director of the original 1980 Fame Movie died in London on 31st August, aged 76, after a lengthy illness. 

Laura Dean (Lisa in the Fame Movie) posted "So sad to hear this news today. RIP Alan Parker, a brilliant storyteller." 

Rest in Peace Alan.

                           Runaways Original Broadway Cast - 1978 Broadway

Carlo Imperato appears to have a new song out called "Bang the Drum", which is a cover of an old Todd Rundgren song.

We have no information about this release but are trying to find out.

Purchase MP3 from Amazon U.K.

Debbie Allen launches the Shonda Rhimes Performing Arts Center, home of Debbie Allen Dance Academy in L.A.’s Arlington Heights. 

Cynthia Gibb announced on Social Media that she was making a new movie. When asked about it by a fan she said:

"I'm not allowed to post details yet, but as soon as I can you'll be the firs to know!"

Cynthia also made a video to encourage people to vote.

PR Paul was out in New York last month Celebrating 4th July.

Eric Pierpoint's dog Kola is having a tough time living with an actor.

For those that missed it the Stars in the House Fame Movie 40th Anniversary Reunion featuring:

Debbie Allen, Lee Curreri, Laura Dean, Paul McCrane, Antonia Francheschi, Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford can be watched on their YouTube channel

The Reunion is in aid of The Actors Fund

Donate to the Charity

Erica Gimpel shared the following on Facebook:

"Dearest Family and Friends,
I am moved to share something personal.
Lately, I have felt so full of emotion, needing to express what has been building up in my spirit... I couldn’t talk it out, or write it out, I had to dance it out.

As a person and as an artist I have been feeling frustrated... Frustrated by the isolation, disheartened by the violence and harshness in our world, and wondering is there room for tenderness? For a gentle spirit?

I started listening to the song “Afternoon” by Steven Sater and Duncan Shiek from the musical Alice by Heart... the lyrics and the singers harmonies brought me to tears... I kept playing the song over and over realizing I was longing for something... a magic, a sense of beauty.

Light... There is magic in light for me. The sunlight in the late afternoon... so I found a moment of light and danced through it.

There is a line in the song, “we fell down a hole, don’t you remember, we fell so far below and never find the center”... Those lyrics spoke to me of what this pandemic and the brutal racial violence has felt like... falling into a hole and searching for the center of it... and yet somehow through it all, nature still exists, it’s summer and the birds are still singing, butterflies are flying, the sun still sets, and there is a beauty in that... so through my tears I danced... connecting to something beyond words, connecting through expression, and through light.

One of my favorite quotes from my Buddhist teacher Daisaku Ikeda is “Art is the cry if the soul from the core of ones being, creating and appreciating art set free the joyous soul trapped deep within us... Art, quite aside from any skill or lack, is the emotion, the pleasure of expressing ones life exactly as it is”.
After I danced, I felt an internal shift, a release...somehow I’d found my center again, and that “center” isn’t a solid fixed place, it is a fluid place... I tapped into
the flow of life’s energy that continuously flows through each one of us at all times.

For me, music and movement was a way to enter that flow, and once there, I could feel the magic, I could feel my heart again, I could feel the lyrical passionate gentleness of my spirit... and then I could simply “be”... That is my prayer, for all of us find our own unique ways to simply “be” during this time, and to connect to the flow, the spirit, the current that is life itself. I am grateful I found my doorway “in”... How about you? What is your doorway?

Have a great month,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful dance interpretation of a gorgeous song. Erica this truly makes my heart sing. Keep shining on lovely lady. Phenomenal moves. In these times of lockdown you wonderful, talented artists keep our spirits up. Our world truly needs you guys. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us.

With appreciation, love and peace

Melissa Evans (August 2020) xXxXxXx 💜💖