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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Trivia of the Week - Not In Kansas Anymore Information

Not in Kansas Anymore came about as the Fame producers were struggling to find new story ideas. 
Each episode of Fame was normally filmed over a 7 day period, however as there was more singing and dancing in this episode, it was originally planned to be filmed over 8 days. However, once the shooting schedule was together it was decided to reduce it to the normal period. 

Filming took place from Monday 24th January to 1st February 1983. By coincidence parts of the original "Wizard of Oz" MGM musical were filmed on the same sound stage that Fame used. Original Scarecrow Ray Bolger visited the Fame set during production of this episode.  

Valerie Landsburg states that Not in Kansas Anymore is her Favourite episodes, while Carlo Imperato believes Fame should have been tackling harder hitting story lines.

Carol Mayo Jenkins took out a full page ad in Variety Magazine thanking everyone for this episode as she really loved playing the Wicked Witch.

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