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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Fame News!

Halfway through the year and what a year it's been. Hopefully things are starting to improve for people. 

For some light relief from the problems of the World, the episode of the month is "Not In Kansas Anymore" From Season 2 and we'll be posting the script as well as lots of behind the scenes information.

Eric Pierpoint can be booked on Cameo to make personal shout out videos. Priced at $40.00 (£32.20)  with the money going to charity.

More Information

New Fame Page about "Fame" in the Netherlands. Like Fame? Then Like this page and see some unique pictures of the cast performing in The Netherlands in 1983 and see some Dutch Magazine and Newspaper Articles. View Page

Debbie Allen was interviewed Al Roker via Instagram live on 25th June 2020.

Nia Peeples gives a testimonial about TaoPatch which is nanotechnology + acupuncture to rebalance your system. Available now on Indiegogo: http://yt.go2.fund/taopatch

Jesse Borrego's latest film "Phoenix Oregon" is now available to purchase on DVD and BluRay.

San Antonio News Express Interviewed Jesse about the Film.

Read Interview.

Last Month Erica Gimpel attended a gathering at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences in support of #blacklivesmatter. Uniting artists in the black community to take a stand using our gifts to make change!

She shared a poem I wrote the night before entitled:
A Black Girl Stood in Front of the Whitehouse.

A black girl stood in front of the white house
The house you hijacked
A young woman with more passion, strength and courage
Than you will ever muster
She stood outside
Facing a line of police officers
In full riot gear saying,

"I am not standing down, sir
I have lost 3 brothers to this, sir
This is not alright
I am not standing down
If I gotta die behind my color
I gonna die about it
My kids after me
Are gonna walk these streets
Just like everybody else
Can walk these streets
I'm not standing down
I'm black
And I'm proud
And I'm strong
We are strong"

That girl had more courage and strength
Than you will ever have
Imposter in chief
You have no vision
No idea how to serve
And no matter how many
You put around the white house
You will never be protected
From the one thing
You are most afraid of
You are a scared buffoon
And we see you
We see you

You are in a job that is beyond
Your capacity
You have disgraced our country
With your stupidly
And fake ass personality.
You are an inflated
TV show persona
And the ONLY thing
You are good at is
And if you ever had to debate
The young black woman who
Stood in front of the
People’s House
Our House
The house you've high-jacked
You would lose
She would wipe the floor
With You
Cause from where she speaks?
Is a place of knowing.
A place of truth
Of pain
A place...
You have no idea
How to enter

Have a great Month,


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