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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Trivia of the Week - The Crazies Script Changes

The Crazies script holds a number of things that are different to the episode version and also difference between the original script and the final draft.

In the Music Scene where Montgomery tells Shorofsky the kids didn't spend very much time rehearsing the Music was originally Vivaldi that they were supposed to be rehearsing but this got changed to Bach. Interestingly the script isn't updated later when Bruno goes to tell Shorfosky they'll have the Bach thing ready for tomorrow. The script still reads Vivaldi. Also originally there was supposed to be 6 students in the scene but it got changed to 5.

In the Cafeteria scene after Montgomery gets slapped by Deidre Maxwell the scene between Leroy and Doris continues.

In the Scene where Lydia is teaching the English Class the scene is extended in both the original draft and the final draft but neither scene is shown in full in the episode.

In the original draft the blackboard is shown with the Words Standard and Weird although Weird is spelt incorrectly. In the Final episode it is changed to Prose Styles

Original draft:

Final draft:

The scene in the office where Leroy goes to meet Sherwood and is surprised when she syas she's tutoring him is also continued:

The Scene at the hospital where Lydia and Bruno visit Shorofsky is extended and includes Coco and Doris:

At the end a scene is missing where Shorofsky climbs the stairs into the school lobby.

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