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Friday, 22 December 2017

U.K. Charts 25th December 1982 and 1st January 1983

In the absence of paper copies for the U.K. album chart for 25th December 1982 we will just report the chart information. The  Kids From Fame album slips to number 8 and The Kids From Fame Again album climbs back up the chart to number 28. 
On the U.K. singles chart  "Mannequin" is at number 52.
For Week 1st January 1983 there doesn't appear to have been a new chart published, presumably down to th eChristmas/New Year period so there is no change on the U.K. album chart as The Kids From fame remains at number 8 and The Kids from Fame Again remains at number 28.
On the Singles chart there is also no change as "Mannequin" remains at number 52. 
Our normal chart rundowns will continue on January 8th 2018.

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