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Monday, 1 May 2017

Fame News!

his Month we continue our posts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the U.S. broadcasts of the Season 1 episodes. This month it concludes with "A Special Place". We will also be posting some magazine articles from early 1982. 

The episode of the month is "Reggie and Rose" from Season 6 and posts for that start on May 22nd.

Issue 5 of the Kids from Fame Media Magazine will be posted on 19th May.

As rumours started last month that Janet Jackson is separating from her husband, the first online picture of her baby Eissa were circulating on the Internet. There are also rumours that Janet will be touring again by September with the "State of The World Tour". Her website currently has a countdown clock which ends tomorrow so some kind of announcement is coming.

Loretta Chandler is co creator, writer and also co stars in an LMC Production called  "Clickthrough” The Web Series. In LMC Production’s first class film project, young gifted students attend classes at newly-re...novated community center. Through a strange series of events, the class discovers they have super God given gifts that will allow them to perform amazing things. However, they must overcome 7 trials to gain access to their Kingdom inheritance and take full advantage of their spiritual powers. Can they do it? If they do, their gifts from God will restore balance to the earth and to themselves.  
See it now at https://www.lmcproduction.com/

Eric Pierpoint is in a new commercial for Sketchers with Rob Lowe. Eric says:

"I got a letter from Skechers that they cut me out! Now back in I guess. Situation resolved! My neighbor is a big time DP and he shot it, another neighbor who directed this campaign, also directs Game of Thrones. I get a knock on my front door the day before my birthday last fall and Thomas Kloss, the DP, says forget about your birthday tomorrow, you're gonna be in my commercial! LOL. Fun day."

There are still no further details of the "Fame" reunion planned for July 13th in L.A. apart from Valerie Landsburg has said it is a great honour to be asked.

The venue is  The Troubadour, located at 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood CA. There website has yet to put any tickets on sale. We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything more.

                                         (Photo by Franklin Van Liempt)

We are continuing the Ger Onlus Countdown to the Fame For Kids 2017 news. Only a couple of days left and the plans will all be revealed.  Kids From Fame Media will bring you all the latest information both on this blog and on Facebook as soon as we have it. Please do all you can to share and support the campaign.

Have a great month, hopefully it's going to be an exciting one!


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