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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fame For Kids 2017 Reunion - Hope

"Hope" was one of the things that "Fame" gifted to me back when it all started in 1982. Yes there was the energy and excitement of the dance and the music but what has stayed with me all these years and helped me through tough times was the "Hope" it gave me.

For a lonely teenager "lost on a winding road" without "Hope" life can seem pretty awful. Without that "Hope" I'm not sure I'd even be here today. "Fame" showed me "that just to live was the greatest gift of all." 

 #Fameforkids2017 Reunion Concert for the #Fame35 anniversary can now give "Hope" to other lost and lonely children. Children who's circumstances are far worse than most of us have experienced in our lives.

Everyone deserves a chance, everyone needs some "Hope" in their lives. Ger Onlus, needs our help to bring a little "Hope" for the children in Colombia. Pledge now to get your tickets to experience the "Fame" dream for real but even if you can't attend please donate to support "Fame" and give something back to a show and a cast that has given us all so much over the last 35 years and help "Fame" continue to give it's "Hope" and magic to others. 


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