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Monday, 3 April 2017

A Musical Bridge - 35th Anniversary

1st April is the 35th Anniversary of the very first broadcast in the U.S. of  "A Musical Bridge."

Celebrate with us and re-watch. The English, Italian and Spanish versions of the episode are below. Then let us know what you think on the Facebook Fame Discussion Group.

Leroy tries to get Fanny to let him copy his English assignment that he is struggling with

However he is caught out when Lydia and Sherwood over hear their conversation.

Leroy is failing English class

and Sherwood can turn a blind eye no longer so demands to see Leroy's parents.

Leroy tries to get Doris to ring the school pretending to be his Mother. However Sherwood soon discovers that Leroy's parents are long gone and he lives alone.

After the kids are all excited about the latest new wave tune Bruno sets out to show how easy it is to make that type of music.

Shorofsky becomes the subject of Bruno's song.

When the other kids hear about it they excitedly ask Bruno to play the song and Montgomery secretly records it and sends it to a record company.

Bruno's father is concerned that the record company will take advantage of Bruno.

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Italian Dubbed

Spanish Dubbed


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