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Friday, 14 April 2017

A Big Finish - 35th Anniversary

15th April is the 35th Anniversary of the very first broadcast in the U.S. of  "A Big Finish".

Celebrate with us and re-watch. The English, French, Italian and Spanish versions of the episode are below. Then let us know what you think on the Facebook Fame Discussion Group.

Miss Sherwood sees a dog in the school.

But she is puzzled when the janitor  O'Banyan lies and says he doesn't see it.

Does is allergic to dogs and this makes Sherwood even more suspicious as to why the janitor lied.

Doris too becomes suspicious and so enlists Bruno

and Danny to go and investigate the janitors office.

There they not only discover the dog but that Mr O'Banyan used to be a dancer. They also  find that another old time dancer Birdie Whelan is living in the janitors office as he can't afford to live anywhere else.

The kids decide to put on a benefit to raise money for the former stars so they can afford somewhere proper to live.

However they face expulsion from the school if they break the rule about giving money to a school employee.

 Meanwhile Mr Shorofsky frustrates Lydia when he wants to store his table tennis table in her dance rehearsal room.

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Spanish Dubbed

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