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Friday, 10 March 2017

Come One Come All - 35th Anniversary

11th March is the 35th Anniversary of the very first broadcast in the U.S. of  "Come One Come All".

Celebrate with us and re-watch. The English, French, Italian and Spanish versions of the episode are below. Then let us know what you think on the Facebook Fame Discussion Group.

Its show time again and this time it's the parents night show!

Lydia has a lot on her hands when Montgomery's Mother Melinda MacNeil arrives.

She instantly starts to take over the show.

However all the modern stuff is out and she wants to put on a 20s show.

The Kids aren't happy about it.

And complain to the teachers.


 But there is very little they can do as Melinda has completely taken over.

 Doris notices how all this is affecting Montgomery and gives him a shoulder to cry on.

He explains how his Mother always takes over and puts herself centre stage and how much he hates looking on from the wings.

 Still the show goes ahead but with the possibility of a proper role Melinda abandons the show just before show time.

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French Dubbed

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