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Friday, 24 February 2017

Street Kid - 35th Anniversary

25th February is the 35th Anniversary of the very first broadcast in the U.S. of  "The Strike".

Celebrate with us and re-watch. The English, Italian and Spanish versions of the episode are below. Then let us know what you think on the Facebook Fame Discussion Group.

When Crandall challenges his drama group to stop playing it safe.

and Gives his drama class an assignment to come up with a character that is far from the real self. 

Doris decides to go out on the streets dressed as prostitute.

There she meets Tracy a 16 year old runaway.

The 2 get arrested and Doris convinces her Mother that they have to try and Help.

Doris takes Tracy to her school and shows her what life could possibly be like for her if she becomes a student.

Lydia is annoyed that Doris didn't get permission to have Tracy sit in on classes but soon tries to convince Crandall and the other teachers to let Tracy audition early.

Crandall isn't happy but goes along with the plan.

Bruno accompanies Tracy at her audition but soon realises that the girl doesn't really have the talent.

Meanwhile Shorofsky decides to buy a classic car.

Sherwood reluctantly agrees to teach him how to drive.

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Italian Dubbed

Spanish Dubbed

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