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Friday, 13 January 2017

Passing Grade - 35th Anniversary

14th January is the 35th Anniversary of the very first broadcast in the U.S. of  "Passing Grade" from season 1.

Celebrate with us and re-watch. The English, French, Italian and Spanish versions of the episode are below. Then let us know what you think on the Facebook Fame Discussion Group.

Doris argues with Danny about the value of the trade magazines as Danny thinks they are worthless. However Doris finds the perfect role for Coco and rushes out of English Class to tell her.  

Miss Sherwood warns her there will be an extra book report if she's not back before the bell. Doris is confident she'll make it back.

However, in her haste she ends up on the wrong floor and rushes into Mr Shorofsky's class instead!

Coco is on a high about the part and tries to persuade Bruno to accompany her on the audition but he says no.

However Coco can be very persuasive and Bruno finally gives in and goes to the audition. Coco is on a high until she discovers Miss Grant is also auditioning.

Lydia decides not to report Coco for auditioning as she's confident that Coco won't get the part.

Leroy worries that Miss Grant might have to leave school if she gets the part and informs the group that the director of the show is Miss Grant's ex boyfriend. Coco is furious!

Meanwhile Danny gets a job in a restaurant in the hope of bumping into Johnny Carson.

and Montgomery reads a book on "Healthy Colours for A Sick World"! At least it helps Coco decide what colour outfit to wear for the audition.

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