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Monday, 2 January 2017

Fame News!

We are back with all new posts to celebrate Fame 35th Anniversary Year.  Also it'll be the 30th anniversary of the showing ending and the last episode in 1987.

Things will be a little different this year. There will be no specific theme each month but instead we'll be counting down the 35th anniversary of events that happened in 1982, posting updated episode guides, promo photos to publicize the show, episode promos and TV guide adverts.

As well as the Ebay and pictures of the week posts we'll also be adding song of the week posts.

We are also Launching Our Revival of the Fame Magazine this month with issue 1 which will be posted on January 12th. We have completed the first 2 magazine and are currently working on issue 3. Anyone who can offer any help with articles, reviews, fan art, poetry, anything Fame related please contac6 me.

The episode of the Month will be "Love Kittens Go To High School" from Season 6 and posts for the will start on 23rd January.
Lee Curreri is currently in Italy and will be performing some concerts with Mode. They will start the tour in Sicily on 7/01/2017 at the teatro comunale of victory (RG) and are confirmed to appear in Torino (Turin) 12 January 2017. Check out Mode's Facebook Page for more details and dates as they come up. 

Spring Registration at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Have a great Month,


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