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Monday, 3 October 2016

Blood Sweat and Circuits - Script Part 1 - Introduction

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This episode was written by Lee Curreri and Directed by Richard Kinon. This is the actual script that the director worked from. His surname is written on the front  and his hand writing is all over it making notes about what he wanted for each shot.

This is the final draft from December 28th 1982. The original guest actor was supposed to be David Steinberg. This was obviously changed at some point to Brenda Vaccaro but there is no mention of this in the script.  I've always found the guest question and answer session a little odd and was interested to note that the questions are not actually scripted. The script gives examples of what the main kids might ask but not the actual questions involved. I've always felt that this part was improvised but I can't say for sure if it was or if the questions were thought up and given to the cast at the time or they were allowed, within the guidelines of the script to make them up themselves.

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