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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fame tribute To Prince

As the World mourns a superstar, here's our Fame Tribute to Prince who sadly departed this world way too soon. His Music and creativity touched the lives of so many of us and will always live on.

Debbie Allen Said:

"Prince was the most amazing artist I have ever seen in my life. He was anointed with a power and an artistry that ignited the world. His unexpected departure has left our hearts so heavy but his legacy and music will forever give us joy."

Erica Gimpel Said:

"This Man, This Artist, This Fierce Fearless Musician who stood up for his integrity will be deeply missed... Thank you for Purple Rain, for the great music, for your excellence and passionate energy... You... The Artist... The Prince... Rest in Peace... No rest in Strength and Passion and Love...

 Your spirit will create a party wherever you go... Thank you for reminding us...
"Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down Oh No! Let's Go! Lets Go Crazy"
Thank you for making music that made me dance with everything I had inside... Simply Thank you Dear Sweet Prince! Peace, Erica"

Then Added:

"Dearest Prince... Thank you for your passion, your presence, your being, your music, your guitar cries and your voice... Purple Rain will always be an anthem of beauty, hope and deep love... Thank you... This performance says it all!"

Valerie Landsburg Said:

"Its 1980 - I'm dancing in my apartment on 96 street to "I Wanna To Be Your Lover". So so sad to lose you."

Lee Curreri Said:

"Too shocked for words."

Then changed his Facebook Profile picture to a picture of Prince.

Michael Cerveris Said:

"another irreplaceable loss".

Then added:

my heroes
my friends
my family
everyday saints
and warriors for humanity

please take better care of yourselves
because I can't say so many goodbyes"

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