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Monday, 4 April 2016

Fame News!

We are back!

This Month is Dutch Month as out posts have a Dutch flavour mainly through Magazine articles as we explore Fame's popularity in The Netherlands.

The episode of the month is "Fame and Fortune" from season 6 and posts for that start on April 18th.

Janet Jackson sadly cancelled her European Concert dates, 3 weeks before the tour was supposed to start. The promoter Live Nation the promoters stated it was due to scheduling difficulties, whatever that's supposed to mean but Janet has been strangely quiet about it all.   Rumours started that it was her health but she scheduled an additional concert in Dubai and that show went ahead. Other stated it was due to the health of her Father but that didn't stop her going to Dubai. Further rumours were that ticket sales were bad. Janet has said she will reschedule but tickets have all been refunded so goodness knows when any new dates will be announced.

In the meantime Janet has launched her Unbreakable Diamonds Collection.

Over the weekend Lee Curreri has been back in Italy performing with Mode on April 2nd and 3rd.

Erica Gimpel has been nominated for an award by Stage Raw for Best Solo performance for her play Sister. The awards take place on April 25th at Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street, Downtown Los Angeles. Good Luck Erica.

Here's what Erica had to say:

"Hello Beautiful People,
I am honored to share that I have received a nomination from STAGE RAW for my performance in SISTER, for Best Solo Performance. I share this honor with the playwright Michael Philip Edwards who is also nominated for Best Playwright. Very grateful for this honor!"

Valerie Landsburg has stated that her Movie Offer & Compromise is now nearly edited and she will let us know soon when the release date will be.

Here's what Valerie had to say:

Hi friends of O&C!

We're excited to share that we are almost to the end of the movie in the editing process! We will continue to fill all of your perks - some now and some when the movie releases. We'll keep you posted on when the release will be!

Jesse Borrego will be starring in a new play called "100% N.D.N." The play is written/directed/ choreographed by Isaac Alvarez Cardenas.

Nia Peeples posts on her Beautiful By Nia site:
Did you ever wonder what it is about beauty that touches us so deeply? I’m talking about beauty that reaches down and seems to ignite something within. You feel loved. You feel whole. And you assign that feeling of love or wholeness to that person, place or thing. It’s that welled up feeling of rightness you get when something beautiful becomes your object of attention. Like when you look at your children with a love you never could have imagined or when you have deep appreciation or compassion. It’s the feeling you get when the wind blows across your face on a warm summer’s day, carrying with it a wiff of sage, or when your puppy crawls up onto your chest and nuzzles into your neck for a nap. It’s the feeling you get the moment you believe you have found your soulmate. You feel whole. You feel connected. And you want to feel that way forever. But what happens when that object of your attention moves away? When your children grow up and move on, creating a family of their own, when the sweet breeze turns to a dead calm and the hot sun begins to scorch the very ground upon which you walk. What happens when your soulmate becomes your ex?

Read more on my thoughts about Beauty: The 5th Element on my blog.


Have a great Month,


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