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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

On Holiday!

We are currently on holiday!
Kids From Fame Media returns on April 4th with all new posts.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Irene Cara - Fame Style Mustang TV Advert 1982

Irene Cara - Fame Style Mustang TV Advert 1982

Carol Mayo Jenkins Knoxville News Sentinel Article

Carol Mayo Jenkins' Mother Varina turned 101 years of age last month. Here's an article on the Family from the Knoxville News sentinel. 
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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Picture of the Week

Fame reunion in 2008 with Nia Pepeles, Dick Miller, Jesse Borrego and Cynthia Gibb.

Nia Peeples - Coco Jack To the Rescue

"WOW! The Coco Jack just completely opened up my culinary world. I’ve tried to open a ‪‎coconut‬ before and it’s close to impossible... but I just opened 3 coconuts in a matter of seconds using my Coco Jack tools! The tools are easy and made out of safe stainless steel and plastic! If you want to try it out for yourself to see how easy and ‪amazing‬ it can be, check it out over on my newest blog post and get 20% off using the code: Nia20! Enjoy! I know I am!



Michael Cerveris - HEDWIG at Club Make Up -- Rebel Rebel 1999

Michael Cerveris - HEDWIG at Club Make Up -- Rebel Rebel 1999

Michael Cerveris on the death of David Bowie:

"My turntable for the foreseeable future. Growing up, though I loved rock and roll, my voice never seemed to fit the songs I loved...until I discovered Bowie. He made rock music safe for baritones. If I didn't listen to him daily as a teenager, it was damned close. As a kid in Appalachia, I drew pencil drawings of him and traced photos I found in big rock picture books from my public library.

Always feeling a bit of an alien in my surroundings, Ziggy made that seem not just ok..., but right. And through his songs I encountered and embraced and identified with all kinds of strange, mysterious and beautiful versions of the Other. Queer ones, European ones, Space ones.. It wasn't just my musical world, but my Whole View of the World that was formed by looking through those mismatched eyes. When I first tried making my own marks on the world, I essentially tried to be Bowie as Crow in David Petrarca's Tooth Of Crime in Hartford and my Hedwig was nothing if not an homage to all he'd taught me in his music (for my money, Stephen Trask and John Cameron Mitchell wrote the true Bowie musical). And I accompanied myself on guitar with Young Americans as my audition song for two pivotal parts in my life--my first TV series Fame, and the Broadway production of The Who's Tommy. So I owe him a lot.

I met him once, saw him many times from arenas, to Broadway in the front row of The Elephant Man, to a 500 capacity place in the Bronx. I wouldn't sing how I do or be where I've been if he'd never existed. The influence he had in his life and art giving comfort and inspiration to generations of misfits and freaks and anyone who felt like an outsider is incalculable. Fearless and peerless. Maybe Carrie Brownstein said it best today: "It feels like we lost something elemental, as if an entire color is gone."

Monday, 7 March 2016

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Fame News!

It's a short Month this month as I'll be away on holiday and then going away again at the end of the month for Janet Jackson's Concert. So there's no real theme and posts will mainly be video interviews and performances that I had knocking around on my computer. All new posts will start again on April 4th.

Anyone from the Facebook Fame Discussion group will have seen some of the great photos Anthony J Riso has been posting this year. He was lucky enough to be in New York when the cast stayed there at the start of each season from season 4 onwards and has taken some unique pictures of the cast. He sells photos on Ebay but you can contact him directly if you want to purchase any of them via Facebook.


Janet Jackson spent last month in Europe preparing for the European leg of the "Unbreakable Tour". The tour kicks off on March 30th in Birmingham U.K. I'll be there and looking forward to seeing Janet in concert again after all these years. I haven't seen her since 1998 on the Velvet Rope Tour.

Debbie Allen will be in conversation with Misty Copeland on Saturday March 19th

Debbie Says: "Can't wait to sit down with Misty Copeland! Join us on Saturday, March 19th in Los Angeles. Tickets start at $35. You don't want to miss this!"

Buy Tickets

Have a great Month,


Valerie Landsburg - Top of The Pops Interview 1982

Valerie Landsburg  - Top of The Pops Interview 1982

As Fame's popularity exploded in the U.K. in the Summer of 1982 "Hi Fidelity" was released as single and Valerie was quickly brought over to the U.K. for press and television interviews to promote the single and the TV Series.


Debbie Allen Special Promo & Clips

Debbie Allen Special Promo & Clips

In 1989 Debbie Allen had her own TV Special. I've never seen it as it wasn't broadcast in the U.K. If anyone has a full copy they'd like to share then please contact me. In the mean time here's  a promo and a couple of clips I found on You Tube but sadly the quality isn't great.