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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fame Reunion Diaries - Part 4 - Friday Night Rehearsals Part 2

After an amazing couple of hours of watching the Technical rehearsals the cast were taking a break to go and get some food. Stefano politely asked us if we wanted to join them although he was concerned about there being enough room for everyone.
As much as I would have loved to go, I didn’t want to put Stefano in a difficult position and was concerned as to whether I’d be able to calmly sit there eating, with all of the cast around me. Also I’d previously planned to meet another friend Brian, back at the hotel so decided to keep that appointment and bring him back to watch the dress rehearsal later.
As we started left the main area of the theatre to get out there were other people from the band passing and the crew in the corridor. Suddenly Erica Gimpel came walking past. She recognised me and also said my name without prompting, we hugged and She thanked me for coming. She THANKED me! That seemed so bizarre they were the ones doing the hard work of putting on the show. I was simply there to enjoy it  
As I turned round Valerie Landsburg was approaching. Having met Val before and corresponded with her I knew that she knew who I was. She smiled and we hugged. Then a few seconds later Carlo Imperato passed by. He shook my hand and also seemed to know who I was. I really couldn’t believe it and it made me feel incredible. It was wonderful to know that the cast who I admire so much, who have busy lives are aware of little old me!
As I talked to Carlo, Lee Curreri had walked past. I said his name and he stopped and turned and said “Hi, what’s going on?”. I just said “I was saying Hello.” He said he hoped that it hadn’t been too boring for us? I replied that I’m a geek so it wasn’t boring in the slightest. He said he could understand that as he was a geek too.
As we made our way back to the hotel to grab a snack (as by how we were totally starving!) to keep us going. I couldn't believe that in a few hours I'd met, hugged and said Hello to all the cast. I'd hoped that as I knew some of the Italian people involved I would get a chance to speak to everyone but I certainly never expected anything like this. I was totally overwhelmed.
At the Hotel I excitedly told of my adventures to my friend Brian, who struggled to take it all in.
Then I said I was going back for the dress rehearsal and he could go too!

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