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Monday, 18 January 2016

Fame Reunion Diaries - Part 4 - Friday Night Rehearsals Part 1

I was still buzzing from meeting Cynthia Gibb and now we were on our way to the Theatre. As we came out of the bar I saw another Fame Friend, Franklin standing in the square. We'd been friends for a long time through email and Facebook but this was the first time we'd met. I brought him up to speed about meeting Cynthia and he joined us on our adventure. 
We got to the Theatre but the main entrance was closed. Not to be defeated we made our way around the back. There was an old man on the steps by the stage entrance. Derek recognised him as Stefano Mendogni's father and having met him in 2011 at the last reunion went to greet him. We then all just walked in to the theatre by the stage door. No one seemed concerned that these 5 men just walked in!
I saw Jesse Borrego pass by and then Nia Peeples was right there in front of me. Suddenly I was overcome by emotion. I couldn't believe this was happening. I whispered to my partner, Michael, "Oh my God it's Nia!"
Tears were in my eyes and I just asked her for a hug. I didn't even think to introduce myself. She probably thought who's this weird guy and what's he doing but she just smiled and gave me a hug anyway.  
As we continued into the Theatre we passed Cynthia who seemed happy that we'd made it. In the front row was Cynthia's husband Lee, Carlo's son and a few other people connected to the cast. We quietly took some seats in the centre about the 6th row.

It was a technical rehearsal so for the most part they were talking through where people would come on stage and stand and what they would be doing. Soon all 7 cast members were on the stage in front of me. They spent a long time working on "Starmaker" not actually singing although occasionally they would sing the odd line and Lee Curreri sat at the piano throughout gently playing the medley to the song. I was enthralled. After all these years of loving Fame I was so close to so many cast members, just watching as they put the next days concert into place.  

It was fascinating to watch them work. There were obviously a few language barriers, with the Italian crew but everyone calmly worked through what was needed.

I discovered that the other Brits we'd seen earlier in the day, Sue, Penny and Ann-Marie were also there as was another friend Giuseppe. Then I got to meet the great man himself Stefano who had put this whole thing together.  We've been friends on Facebook but again never actually met. It was like meeting a long lost relative. He hugged us and was so happy that we'd travelled so far to be with them. He referred to us as brothers.

He showed me the front row seat I would have the next night and told me that at 9.30pm the cast were doing a full run through of the show and if I didn't mind it spoiling some of the surprises then we could stay and watch it. Off course I didn't mind. I felt honoured just to be there amongst the Fame family.

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