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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 7 Footloose

Disco Inferno launch straight into another uptempo number. Jesse and Nia dance around the stage as if they are looking for something. They then point to the stalls where Cynthia Gibb makes her entrance through some curtains at the side of the theatre.

The song is "Footloose" and Cynthia pulls our friend Giuseppe Festa up from the crowd to dance with her.

She then makes her way across the front of the front row before returning to the steps to the stage to start to sing the song.


Jesse and Nia continue to dance as Cynthia goes up on to the stage.

Cynthia then pulls Valerie Landsburg onto the stage to dance with them.

Nia and Jesse run down into the crowd.

I loved this performance and it had so much energy. Not a Fame song as such but obviously it has it's Fame links in that Lori singer was in the film and both Cynthia and Debbie Allen have performed the song on TV in the past. Brilliant.
Thanks to Patrick Bron for the Video.
Alternate view of "Footloose" posted by Roberta Verdolini on Facebook.

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