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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 4 - Beautiful Dreamer

As Marco the Narrator talks again to Lee Curreri, they introduce the band Disco Inferno who are backing the cast throughout the concert .

Valerie Landsburg takes her place and quietly sits on the other side of the stage.

Lee starts to play the piano again and they perform "Beatiful Dreamer".

Which sounds great with a backing band and the crowd love it.

As in the episode Valerie gradually makes her way over to the piano where Lee is playing. The final "You, You're Different. You, You're Special". Is a wonderful moment where Valerie hugs Lee.

In Rehearsals Valerie jokingly comes out for an all out pretend passionate kiss! Shame she didn't do it in the concert because it was very funny.

With Thanks to Patrick Bron for the Video.

Alternate view of "Beautiful Dreamer" posted on You Tube by Daniele Paoletti

Another view of "Beautiful Dreamer" posted on You Tube by Alex Guarino.

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