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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 3 - Starmaker Performance 1


The Narrator introduces the rest of the cast to the audience and one by one they come on to the stage and hug and greet each other.

Lee Curreri starts to play "Starmaker" but wait they have forgotten Valerie Landsburg. Members of the audience call out her name and there is a little confusion so Erica takes the lead and announces her.

Valerie comes on to the stage and finally all 7 cast members are there together, wow this really is a dream come true and then they all perform "Starmaker".

Again I'm overcome with emotion. Another very special song and to be finally hearing the cast sing it live after all these years is wonderful.

Erica takes on the lead vocals and it's great to hear Cynthia Gibb, Nia Peeples and Jesse Borrego get a chance to add their vocals to a song that was on the show way before they joined.

Thanks to Patrick Bron for the Video.

Alternate "Starmaker" view posted by Gian Piero Villella on You Tube.

Another View of "Starmaker" posted by Alex Guarino on You Tube.

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